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Everyday Ayurveda for a Vibrant Life

Everyday Ayurveda for a vibrant life will introduce you to the basics of Ayurveda in a way that is easy to understand and effortless to integrate for more radiant living.


Lutmastraat 191, Amsterdam NL 1074 TV

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  • Workshop



Jun 4 to
Jul 4
14:00 pmto17:00 pm


30 €

Full Description

In this workshop you will arrive at a new understanding of yourself, as well as how to connect and work in harmony with your true nature. During our afternoon together I will reveal some simple insights on how you can look after yourself well according to this ancient tradition as we review the right diet, lifestyle and yoga practice for you. You’ll discover how to make small changes that make a big difference on every level of mind, body and soul for a healthier, happier, more vibrant life.

Ayurveda is a natural healing system from India, literally meaning ‘The Wisdom of Life’. It seeks to heal, nourish and satisfy your whole being, by focusing on improving your digestive efficiency in order to increase and promote the free flow of vital life force that sustains all life.

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During this workshop we will look at:
- Introduction to the Ayurveda
- Explanation of the Doshas/5 elements
- Introduction to the subtle energy body
- Fundamentals of the Ayurvedic diet for improved digestion and vitality, inc. Agni, Ojas, 6 tastes
- How to eat for energy

This 3 hour workshop includes:
- 1 hour interactive chat on Ayurveda basics
- 30 minute ‘Dosha’ test to help you understand your own nature
- 90 minute yoga practice

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