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Exercise your higher chakras!

Exercise your higher chakras! Start to receive everything you've always wanted.


16545 Ventura Blvd. #25, Encino CA, US 91436
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Sep 30 to
Oct 1
20:00 pmto00:15 am

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Start to receive everything you've always wanted! Heal & Soul Yoga presents: A night of diving deep for our buried treasures. Divine Guidance from the Tarot. We all have spiritual lessons that we're working on. When we've learned our lessons we move on to the next lessons, so we're constantly learning. When we all come together and learn from each other's messages, we progress faster, smoother and with more joy along our journeys. Here on earth, the logical left brain gets a lot of exercise, keeping us in the matrix (blocked chakras). In this event's format we all witness together, the intuitive illogical, divine side. The more we exercise the right brain, the more we believe. The more we believe, the more we flow and experience miracles in our lives because we've learned to trust it. Through the tarot, the Angels address the foundation of the block and
they offer divine guidance to restore your energy flow. Mermaid Flow Nights
exercise your higher chakras and allow you to work faster towards the ultimate goal of yoga: transformation & divine union!
$40 per person – cash only – Bring your friends!