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Fall Cleanse with 'Gouter' at 532Yoga!


532 N. Washington St., Alexandria VA, US 22314

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  • Workshop


Oct 19
07:00 amto08:00 am

We have partnered with THE BEST - 'Goûter' - to offer you THE BEST in delicious Raw Vegan Organic Tonics and Salads.

Introductory meeting 10/19.
3 day pre-detox
3 day detox
3 day post-detox



Cost includes EVERYTHING you need for your 3 day detox from Gouter's raw, organic, vegan tonics, melks and salads.
Choose from 3 options

Full Description

Recognize any of these in your body?

- cravings
- abdominal bloating
- fluid retention and/or congested sinuses
- weight loss resistance
- insomnia
- cravings

Sounds like your liver, and the rest of your digestive system could use a vacation!

A fall detox program can boost your immune system and help prevent flu, help stabilize your metabolism and cleanse the toxins that are making you feel less than 100%

We have partnered with THE BEST - 'Goûter' - to offer you THE BEST in delicious Raw Vegan Organic Tonics and Salads.

This cleanse can help you detox, shed weight, and bring out your skin's natural glow. It's a great way to reboot your health and kick start a program for healthier living.

This is NOT a 'fast',which is unhealthy and, in fact, has counter-productive effects that include a slowed metabolism. Instead, this cleanse provides plenty of sustenance from delicious, raw, wholesome, vegan, organic, freshly pressed tonics & salads.

Goûter's 3 day cleanse comes in 3 options:

1. 18 tonics - 6 tonics per day
2. 15 tonics & 3 'milks'; 5 tonics & one 'milk' per day
3. 15 tonics & 3 salads; 5 tonics & one salad per day
(we will contact you and ask you to specify your preference after you have registered)

Are You Ready to Get Started?

Your first meeting is on Sunday 10/19
Your 3-Day Cleanse starts on Monday 10/27

6 easy steps to feeling fabulous ...

STEP 2: meet your 'Gouter Guide' (the lovely 'V') at 532Yoga on Sunday 10/19 at 2:00pm for your information session, recipes, resources, and all the 3-Day Pre-Cleanse and 3-Day transition Post-Cleanse recommendations, shopping list ideas and details; everything you will need for making this easy AND delicious.
STEP 3: Start your 3-Day Pre-Cleanse on Friday 10/24
STEP 4: Pick up your 3-Day Cleanse from 532Yoga on Sunday 10/26
STEP 5: Start your 3-Day Cleanse on Monday 10/27
STEP 6: Transition to your 3-Day Post-Cleanse on Thursday 10/30

What makes Gouter different?
Gouter's drinks are TONICS, not juices, using a base of hydrating alkaline water with a pH content of 9.5 (most water measures a neutral 7).

Why does the high alkaline content matter?
Because bacteria and disease can't grow in an alkaline condition.

Gouter uses fresh pressed lemon juice, cayenne pepper, and coconut nectar, plus a host of delicious, 100% organic, healthy ingredients, including turmeric root to fight inflammation, kale, ginger, aloe vera, blue green algae, spirulina, chlorella, and more. Most popular flavors are Detox (fresh pressed kale), Stretch (turmeric, black pepper, vanilla, cardamom), and Nourish (hemp seeds, dates, cinnamon, vanilla, and sea salt).

COST includes EVERYTHING you need for the 3-Day Cleanse, PLUS the Information Session with 'V' 10/19, PLUS recipes and resources for easy meals during your pre and post-cleanse, PLUS all the support you need along the way!