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Family Yoga with Inga Heckmann

Morning will be yoga with the family and then a hearty healthy seasonal vegetarian breakfast. After this is chill time to either relax on the property or to take an excursion for culture, curiosity or shiopping.
The late afternoon will be a yoga session for the adults while the children will be occupied as assistant cooks making pastas or desserts. Dinner and then maybe some singing by the campfire with marsh mellows.


Localita Romeggio 517, Umbertide PG, IT 06019

Type of Event

  • Retreat

Yoga Styles



May 30 to
Jun 6
07:15 amto04:15 am

Family Yoga Retreat by Caimeli. for a united experience full of insights and opportunities for both parents and children to practice yoga, make new friends and discoveries while relaxing in beautiful inspiring nature.


1,100 €

Adults 1100.00
Children under 8 350.00
Children over 8 550.00

Full Description

1. Connection: Increased connection through Yoga poses and games
bring together family members in a way that is very different from when
pursuing other family activities. There is no competition. Each member
sees each other’s strengths and weaknesses which brings everyone to a
common ground and a mutual appreciation. Each member connects
with their own body and breath while feeling the enormous power of the
group’s energy and support for the asanas.
2. Happiness: Family Yoga involves taking Yoga less seriously. Yoga
encourages correct alignment but does not focus on it. The focus (Dhristi)
is in finding the fun and joy in moving one’s body and sharing this with
your loved one’s. Asanas , especially partner ones, lead to many laughs as
bodies of different sizes and shapes try to join together in one pose.
3. Tools for Life and Peace: There are breathing techniques that both
children and parents can bring into their lives to head off anxiety, hot
temper or the tired minds. Asanas are taught that will release energy and
help children and parents ready themselves for bed and rest. It is this last
moment of silence and joined breathing at the end of each session that
brings a calm into the room and hearts of everyone involved.
Yoga with Family will deepen and develop the intimate relationship with
the family and the natural world that surrounds us. Our week will bring
that marvelous inner light that all children have (that parents have laid
dormant in most cases) to the surface so the whole family can relish it.
Families will participate in a typical Yoga vacation following the asanas
schedule with Yoga classes during the morning 8.00am to 10.00am . The
afternoon asanas from 16.00 to 18.00 will be composed of other activities
for the children while the parents concentrate more deeply on their Yoga
and technique.
The other activities provided by Caimeli for the children will range from
swimming, hiking, pasta or pizza making to horseback riding for a fee.