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Fill your cup with yoga - Nourish yourself with yoga & Thai massage

2 peaceful hours of relaxing, refreshing, healing, and soothing yoga to balance the nervous system and emotional body.


May 29
18:00 pmto20:00 pm

Sunday, May 29th, 6-8pm.



$25 for Early Birds, $30 for Drop Ins
Please register with Hot Yoga Winnipeg and pay in advance to reserve your spot.

Full Description

During this extended 2 hour class you will get an intense connection to yourself. You will restore, refresh, renew, and recharge your body and mind with a combination of Yin Yoga, slow Vinyasa Flow Yoga (,Vinyasa Slow‘), Restorative Yoga, and Thai Massage inspired hands-on assists.

The combined therapeutic power of all these different styles of yoga will leave you in a deep state of relaxation and in peace with yourself. The gentle practice will allow you to let go of tension, stress, and negative thoughts. It will help you to breathe deeper, to become calmer, and to experience a new positive site of your body.

The class will be divided into different parts:

>> YIN YOGA: A handful of passive postures, held in stillness for a longer period of time to target the deep connective tissues and to prepare and open the body for the more active part of class.

>> VINYASA SLOW: Easy, gentle, smooth, and fluent movements, synchronized with your breath. That is the active part of class. It is a meditation in movement, practiced very slow with great awareness, to get circulation going and to focus on breathing and feeling instead of thinking.

>> RESTORATIVE YOGA: Another practice in stillness, accompanied by basic breathing techniques. This time with the focus on pure, deep relaxation. In these postures your entire body will stretch and open gently, supported by yoga props. Restorative postures minimize muscle contractions, they lower blood pressure and heart rate, and balance the nervous system, and stimulates the relaxation response.

>> FINAL RELAXATION: A guided meditation that leads into a long final Shavasana, the last and most important (restorative) posture of each and every yoga practice. In Shavasana the body literally acts like a sponge - it absorbs all the energy and benefits from the practice before.

>> THAI MASSAGE assists: Each part of the class will be supported and accompanied by hands-on and Thai Massage assists to guide you safely and deeper into the postures. Especially during the passive parts of class I will use passive stretches and apply gentle pressure to specific body areas to release blockages and to increase relaxation.

Space is limited to 10.
Please pay in advance to secure your spot!
Early Birds pay $25. Drop Ins $30. (No extra Gst.)
Tickets are available at Hot Yoga Winnipeg, cash or cheque.
Please bring (if you have):
- a yoga mat
- an eye pillow or a hand towel
- a bigger towel or a blanket
- comfortable, stretchy clothes
- warm socks
- a bottle water