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Fit for the Infinite

“Meditation is self-knowledge, which is the basis of true thinking; and when there is true thinking, there is understanding, and so right action." Krishnamurti


538 Swanwick Road, Victoria BC, CA V9C 3Y8

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  • Workshop

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May 31 to
Jun 2
11:00 amto09:00 am

Yoga and Krishnamurti
Fri 31.5. - Sun 2.6.
Swanwick Center, Victoria,



Includes Yoga, accomodation and food

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What is the best way to arrive at such true thinking? Many of us have tried to tackle this question in different ways. Over the years we have often favored a conceptual approach, exploring our minds in a seated position and, with silence as our ground, investigating our unfounded conceptual belief in being a separate consciousness. This is indeed a useful and time-honored way of engaging in meditation. It produces insights and reveals increasing degrees of self-knowledge. When this knowledge is carried into our daily lives, it begins to blossom. As we quietly observe the beliefs of a separate self in ourselves and our surroundings, we slowly begin to appreciate some of the insights which Krishnamurti has so beautifully described in his “Notebooks”. Both meditation and daily observation clearly deepen our connection to true thinking and self-knowledge. There is however a third aspect that can be incorporated into the process: this is the aspect of physically embodied knowledge. When the gained insights are applied to the physical dimension of our being they have the potential of turning self-knowledge and true thinking into a lived and embodied form of being in the world. This can be done by directing awareness to the unfounded belief of separation as it manifests in the body. As we engage in postures, slow movement and tactile exploration we expose the deeply held belief in a separate self that has, in some sense, crystallized in the body. By engaging in slow, mindful movement we submit these crystallizations to stillness and openness and in doing so begin to soften and dissolve them. As this happens we realize that our insights are taken to a new level where they become embodied forms of self-knowledge. This embodied knowledge turns quite naturally into deeper understandings that bring forth appropriate and compassionate action in the world.