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Flow Yoga at LifePath Center


Rinconada de La Aldea 29, San Miguel de Allende GTO, Mexico, MX 33750
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Nov 5 to
Dec 24
02:00 amto15:45 pm

Join Liza for her signature 'Flow Yoga' class beginning Tuesday, Nov. 5, 2013. Located in the yoga room at the LifePath Center in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Class runs from 9-10:15am.



Cost is 100mx per class. Drop-ins are welcome!

Full Description

Liza’s typical ‘Flow Yoga’ class might begin with everyone standing, or lying on their back, taking the first few minutes of practice to arrive into their breath and their body. Some people will be ready to get going right away, others may need a little more time to feel into tissue, into bones, into the states of their mind and heart.

Warm-up movements include undulating the spine, stretching the limbs, circling the joints, and more. We feel into our roots, through the palms and fingers, feet and toes, sensing the texture of the floor, the temperature of the air; all those investigative movements that help place us in time and space. This allows for a deeper knowing of what is going on inside.

We move through series of poses meant to awaken and enliven the myofascial pathways, lubricate the joints, and stoke our ‘agni’, the digestive fire that fuels the gut. Standing poses create strong legs, and feed into the heart and lungs. Balance poses fire up the area of the brain responsible for that task (and it is one of those ‘Use it or lose it’ situations!). Arching back bends keep the chest open, and soothing forward bends calm the mind. The spine likes all kinds of movements, so there are side bends and spinal twists incorporated as well… and all of this in a 75-minute block of time!

Every ‘Flow Yoga’ class is different, guided by the time of year, the needs of the students, and whatever bits of inspiration have come with Liza to class. The last 10 minutes or so are devoted to the meditative, restorative stillness of savasana.

Questions often arise during a yoga practice. There is always time after class to address them, be they very specific or just general inquiries about the big wide world of yoga. Liza is happy to chat informally. She is also available for private and semi-private sessions, both at the studio space and at the client’s home.