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Fluid Anatomy Introduction

In our current Digital Age, modern culture is often moving too fast for its own good. To meet the demands of modern life, we tend to get stuck within a narrowing range of movements—movements that become increasingly mechanical and repetitive over time.


3717 Murphy School Rd, Durham NC, US 27705

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  • Workshop

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Jan 9
12:00 pmto16:30 pm

This is a series that will run from Jan- June 2016.



We will offer a sliding scale for the entire series.

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A similar tendency has taken place in the realm of yoga. The practice of yoga is all too often reduced to a form of exercise. With asana practice typically focused on “perfecting” the poses, the movements themselves become more mechanistic, even somewhat perfunctory. When the definition of this ancient movement language is reduced to “postures”, it limits our experience to an external ideal rather than a richly embodied internal experience. In the process, we sacrifice the virtuosity and complexity of our movement potential for the sake of being efficient, and we stay within a narrow expression of what we perceive yoga to be.

Yoga is not a form of fitness training but a multifaceted spiritual practice, an evolutionary practice designed to deepen and expand. While physical health is certainly improved through consistent participation, the more essential purpose of yoga is to provide a container or structure for awakening consciousness.

“The Fluid Anatomy of Yoga” intensive will invite participants to move beyond the rigid boundaries of what we believe yoga is into a territory of newness, discovery and creativity. Through the freedom inherent in fluid dynamics (moving fluidly), breath, sound and improvisation, we learn to trust the legacy of intelligence that moves through us all. As teachers and students of yoga, you will be guided to access your own wellspring of imagination to take you beyond habits and patterns that are automatic.

This intensive is an opportunity to explore and expand the language of asana through internal listening, inquiry and expressivity. Drawing from our primordial evolutionary journey as a species and insights from quantum physics, we reinvigorate our perceptions of what it is to be human. With renewed curiosity, we enter into the landscape of the movement we are and unearth the universe of possibility living within each of us.

This initial session is offered as an introduction to a Saturday afternoon workshop taking place once a month from January through June 2016. Registration for the introduction is required.