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Food for Life - Weekend Retreat

Immerse yourself in the treats and delights of vegan and vegetarian cooking, and raw food preparation within a stunning natural environment on this luscious weekend retreat.


Continental House, Hepburn Springs VIC, AU 3461

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  • Retreat

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Apr 17 to
Apr 19
12:00 pmto08:00 am

The retreat starts at 7pm, but you can arrive any time from 5pm to 10pm.



Early Bird Price (Twin Share) If paid by 1st March 2015

Full Description

A Vegan Cooking & Yoga
Are you ready to thrive?

Immerse yourself in the treats and delights of vegan and vegetarian cooking, and raw food preparation within a stunning natural environment on this luscious weekend retreat.

Make new friends, learn about vital living and how to live your life for optimum flow, whilst feasting on scrumptious food created by you.

Relax in the beautiful surroundings of the recently renovated Continental House, where resident chef, Alexis, will guide you to discover your inner chef, exploring an amazing range of exotic and familiar ingredients, and food combining for exquisite flavour and nutritional value.

Start your days full of vitality, calmness and presence through yoga with Ostii, whilst breathing in the fresh air of the natural paradise that is Hepburn Springs.

Nourishment, flavour and visual appeal
Over the last five years we have been sharing our expertise of vegan cooking and our passion for healthy living and once again, we'll unleash the secrets of how to prepare Continental House's famous vegan banquet, exploring the art of preparing and cooking grains, pulses and vegetables to create optimum nourishment, flavour and visual appeal.

Healthy and tasty
Are you interested in preparing healthy and delectable meals for yourself and for your family? Whether you are a vegan, vegetarian or a carnivore interested in improving and maintaining health, discover the world of healthy eating without compromising on taste.

Feeding yourself and the planet
Would you like to become more conscious of what you feed your body? Would you like to become more aware of where your food comes from, what is involved in its production, and whether it has travelled half way across the world to get to your mouth?

Leave this wonderful weekend feeling energised and fulfilled, closer to your natural rhythm, glowing and flowing - with more knowledge to add to your recipe repertoire - all the while promoting health, well-being and connection to self and community.

Who is this retreat for?
Absolutely everyone. This retreat caters for the emerging vegan and vegetarian, the recently converted and already converted. It is for people who want to explore eating less dairy and animal products, and for anyone who is interested in a healthier lifestyle. Most meals are free of common allergy producing foods such as wheat and refined sugar. Other allergies and food intolerances can be catered for.

What you will learn?
All cooking and food preparation sessions are hands-on, and during classes we will share how to:

Create dairy, meat and egg free meals to make a tantalising vegan buffet
Combine ingredients for maximum flavour and fulfilment, using the highest quality organic, local and vegan ingredients available
Make food choices that will benefit your well-being and increase vitality
Present vegetarian and vegan food for maximum visual appeal
Eat for utmost pleasure and digestive ease
Prepare hearty vegan raw-food snacks, smoothies and treats
Develop strategies for dealing with irritable bowl symptoms and other digestive ailments of the modern age
What's included
Drink in fresh and exciting recipes and gain insight into how to grow your own food. Combined the flavoursome food adventure will be yoga, dance, breath awareness and dietary talks, self-healing, self-massage, and an exploration of local edible weeds and flowers. Alexis' comprehensive collection of books about nutrition, cooking, food preparation and more will be on hand to read in your spare time.

All sessions are optional and you may wish to spend your time resting or wandering in the bush.

Accommodation & Meals

Two nights en-suite accommodation in the stunning refurbished Continental House
Twin share or single room option
All meals. Arrival dinner on Friday and departure lunch on Sunday

Ostii's morning yoga classes caters for all levels, offering different variations of poses for various levels. Among other things, Ostii specialises in yoga for people experiencing digestive issues or lower back pain.


After dinner on Saturday, join us for a free movement dance with a DJ/ movement therapist, to shake it all out, really let loose and create more body awareness and connection to your body.

“Eating Alexis’ food, I felt my body become lighter in just three days. This is clean, clear, healing food. Alexis teaches you how to maximise every flavour while still focussing on absolute health. Combined with the effects of Ostii’s yoga, the odd massage, bush walk, and bit of hammock time, I was in heaven. I practically floated home at the end of the retreat.”

“Let’s start with the yoga (just like a morning on the retreat). Forget your clichéd images of the serious yoga studio, filled with serious yoga aspirants panting and grunting their way into blissful nirvana. Ostii is a rare kind of yoga teacher. He brings to his classes a lightness and sense of humour which permeate his whole practice, and indeed his whole way of being. There is nothing quite like a good giggle right after a mighty challenging pose!”

Early Bird Price (Twin Share): $420. If paid by 1st March 2015
Full Price (Twin Share): $470
Concession available
Single Room $580