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FREE Self-C.A.R.E Stragey Session

Mindful is essential to a truly nourishing life.
During a Mindful Strategy Session we will spend time focusing on you and your needs. We will uncover what you are missing in your life, find out what has been holding you back from having it and create a strategy to help you naturally make it part of your life.


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Dec 8 to
Feb 1
2015 - 2016
17:15 pmto17:15 pm

Sometimes, no matter how many yoga classes we go to, we just can't quiet that nagging voice of self judgement, criticism & self doubt in our head. We will put everyone else's needs before our own and at the end of the day feel unappreciated, resentful and exhausted.

Join me for a FREE Self-CARE Strategy Session and lets create balance



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Did you know that Self Care is usually only thought of as something that we need a lot of time and money for, such as going to the spa, taking yoga classes, going on vacation or buying tangible things. Most of the women I talk to say they don't have time for self-care, they don't have the money for it or that they believe spending time focusing on yourself is vain, egotistical and selfish.

The truth is self care is essential to creating balanced relationships, reducing overwhelm, naturally establishing more energy, a positive mental attitude and better health in general. And the best part of all is that it really takes no extra time at all and can cost nothing.

Without practicing Mindful we can easily fall into the trap of mental self abuse with thoughts of self judgement, harsh self criticisms and guilt, which can lead us to the road of mindless emotional overeating, self sabotage, stress and depression.

As a doctor of natural health, I have talked with women across the country and over seas who have all told me the same thing, that learning Mindful has helped them put the missing puzzle pieces together in their lives, and that they are living a much more uplifting, balanced and empowered they would never think of going back to their old ways again.

Schedule your FREE Self-CARE Strategy Session and let's uncover the hidden secret to more Mindful for you too! A sessions are done on Skype of via the phone so no matter where you live, you can learn how to embrace your unique needs and create balance in your life with confidence and ease.

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