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Free To Be: Yoga & Natural Horsemanship Retreat

Give yourself a week in the wild and enjoy your stay at CIRENAS, a 4,700 acre working cattle ranch that encompasses the Caletas-Ario National Wildlife Refuge and is located along one of the last large stretches of undeveloped coastline on the Southern Nicoya ’ll get to explore lush tropical forests, mangroves, river sanctuaries and grasslands on healthy, strong horses you can connect with while spotting exotic wildlife and mesmerizing horizons.


Playa Manzanillo, Puntarenas, Nicoya Peninsula CR 00000

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  • Retreat

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Apr 19 to
Apr 27
04:30 amto04:30 am



The following course fees include the chosen accommodation, 3 meals per day and snacks, daily yoga, horse rides and relationship ground work, and exploration around the property.
The Tree House $2,250 (single or couple)
Main House $2,150 (double) or $1,700 (quad)
Pochote House $2,000 (double)
Ranchito $1,800(double)
The Rancho $1,800 (double)

There are also several optional activities (surf lessons, massage, excursions to Sta. Teresa, etc.) that will be offered during the week at additional cost.

Airfare not included. Course participants are encouraged to fly to Tambor from San Jose.

Full Description

Get back to the bare-essentials of nature, horsemanship and your authentic self with a week of transformative yoga with horses in the wild heartlands of Costa Rica’s beautiful Nicoya Peninsula. Join us as we delve into the discovery of the nature of horses and ourselves, going back to the roots of relationship, trust, communication and leadership.
During this all inclusive, weeklong wilderness retreat, we’re offering you the opportunity to explore your own energy and way of communicating with horses. We introduce effective tools for communication and leadership through groundwork exercises and awareness practices to create solid foundations for healthy relationships to grow. With the horses as our companion guides and reflective mirrors, they’ll provide honest, consistent feedback for us to discover how far along we are on our path to become “one with” the horse.

With daily practices of Hatha-Yoga and guided mediations designed to enhance your experience with nature, we’ll venture deep into ourselves, clearing our own energy and belief systems to support a relationship in harmony with horses as they are, rather than what we’d like them to be. Day by day, you’ll create a trusting, respectful relationship with your horse, learning effective communication, clear boundaries, unified leadership, and an enhanced awareness in a way the horse understands.
You’ll also get the opportunity to explore bareback mounting and riding in a safe, supported environment to develop a balanced center, deepen your focus, and find what true unity with the horse means to you.

You’re stay at CIRENAS offers an escape into the rural, yet charming Eco-Friendly lodging, featuring open-air accommodations where the waves of the ocean can be heard and wildlife is right at your doorstep. Our itinerary gives you time to relax and learn about the CIRENAS campus and sustainable systems development projects, along with the surrounding environments. You’ll also have days to schedule in optional activities such as surfing lessons or a relaxing massage.

Why Yoga and Horses???
Yoga and horsemanship have ancient roots, both disciplines being practiced for thousands of years in different cultures. Both Arts have evolved separately until recent times. In our current day and age, there is a rise in awareness of the similarities that Yoga and Horsemanship share. The principles and practice of Yoga and Horsemanship combined compliment each other like music and dance.

Successful Horsemanship requires an enhanced awareness both inward towards the subtlest aspects of our being, and outward into the surrounding environment, promoting a sustained presence and efficient way of responding to life and continuous change. In our relationship with horses, we receive honest and consistent feedback of how we present ourselves and interact with them. It is said that “horses don’t lie,” that horses offer a “mirror-like reflection” of our own energies and attitudes, and that to lead a horse you must become the leader.
Horses offer us the opportunity to see ourselves clearly, along with the world around us, and how we manage relationships in our lives. Horses offer us the potential to share and experience the Yoga (or union,) both with ourselves and with the world at large.

Space is limited to 8 participants! Reserve your place today!