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Full Circle Rertreat

Join Hooping Enterpreneur + Marketing Expert Abby Albaum, along with her team of Play Professional Powerhouses, for four days of inspired instruction and transformational hoop dance masterminding. It all takes place at Indigo Yoga Resort in Costa Rica, with fun in the sun and dance parties to boot!


Playa Carmen, Mal Pais Costa Rica, CR

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  • Retreat



Feb 18 to
Feb 19
04:15 amto04:15 am



Includes lodging, ground transportation to/ from retreat center, movement workshops, professional development seminars, daily vegetarian breakfast & lunch, resort ammenities, and beach access

Full Description

Imagine rising in the morning to the sound of birds chirping. The sun shines through the window of your quaint, peaceful bungalow while the smell of salty sea water fills the air. A brisk, envigorating outdoor shower sets the tone for what the day has in store.

You excitedly emerge from your room and follow a winding cobblestone path. It leads you to the Yoga Shala where your fellow retreat attendees greet you with warm smiles and peaceful vibes. After a wonderful yoga flow session, you enjoy a healthy vegetarian breakfast and inspired conversation. The day’s agenda includes hoop dancing, pool & beach time, group activities, hoop & dance jams, heart-centered professional development workshops and a beach sunset that looks more like a postcard than shot

Is this a dream or have you actually landed in paradise?

We think it’s a combination of both, and we are firm believers that dreams do come true. Inspired action makes it all possible, and now is the time to act on your true passion. So welcome to the Full Circle Retreat. Our mission is to provide you with an authentic, beautiful and transformational experience that will enable you to realize your heart’s deepest desires and move forward on a path to accomplishing your greatest goals.

Take a peek at some of the amazing workshops we’ve got in store for you. This is more than a hula hoop professional development retreat. Within the context of these workshops, we’ll be learning life skills that will help take your vision to the next level:

The Hoop Biz Blueprint with Meagan Ruppert

Do you know what it takes to be a successful hoopreneur? Sure you’ve got the skills, the hoops, the glitter – oh, the glitter – but do you have a long term vision backed up with a solid plan? Without a plan – your business will never be viable – and you’ll be stuck in a sustained spin until you are forced to go out and find a “job” to pay the bills.

Join Meagan, the founder of Return to Roots Gathering and Ascending Circles Business Coach, for The Hoop Biz Blueprint. This workshop is designed to help you create a truly solid foundation for your business so that you can live the joy-filled life you are meant to live – spreading the hoop love everywhere you go. Imagine being able to create your own schedule, working from anywhere in the world – or just from home, teaching at festivals and hoop events, creating a tribe of devoted fans, and being their source for inspiration.

Takeaways from this class include: understanding who you are meant to serve with your business, realistic (and awesome!) goals for your business, and a plan to back them up.


Consciously Cultivating Community with Casandra Tannenbaum

Florida is an antiquated sand bar – nothing was ever meant to grow here. And yet, the Sunshine State is home to multiple, sustained and thriving communities of artists. How did this happen? How is it possible to cultivate growth in a seemingly inhospitable place? Community building is all about relationships in motion. In this workshop, come ready to WORK on the nature of relationship. How healthy are our relationships? What fears, considerations, concerns and doubts are lingering ‘energy drains’ on our relationships? How can we prepare the soil of our lives to richly and abundantly grow any form of community we like? Areas of exploration: authenticity, intimacy, communication, abundance, intention, taking action. We will be writing, sharing, listening, meditating and dancing together in this exploration.


The Art of Multi-Level Instruction with Abby Albaum

As the hoop dance community continues to grow at a rapid pace, it’s more important than ever for educators to stay on top of their game. Does this mean we need to know every trick in the book? What happens when a 4-year hooping veteran shows up to the same class as a beginner? How can we keep our classes and workshops innovative, inspiring and flow-driven?

Join Abby, a hoop dance educator of 8 years, as she shares her tools of the trade. With Abby’s Drills and Layering teaching format, hoop dance instructors will learn the skills necessary to inspire and delight every student, regardless of experience and skill level. Abby’s unique and effective approach of hoop dance instruction is also the backbone of her ACE-Approved Hoola-Fit program.

In this fun filled and interactive workshop, you’ll learn how to create class plans that appeal to all students, all of the time. You’ll also have the chance to tackle common class challenges and develop creative solutions. By shifting our view and turning “problems” into “opportunities,” we can work together to empower ourselves and our students.


Integrity in Business with Abby Albaum & Casandra Tannenbaum

Do you keep your word? Do people consider you reliable and trustworthy? When someone asks you to do something, do you say yes to control how they feel about you? And how does all of this factor into respect, self worth and personal power?

The ‘Baums are teaming up to bring you an open, honest and insightful conversation about ethical business practices. It’s going to get real, folks! “Do what you say and say what you mean” is the theme of this discussion. We’ll use real-life examples to demonstrate the value of doing the right thing, even when it’s difficult. We’ll also learn how to say no while still maintaining mutually beneficial business relationships.


We are working hard to plan the most memorable experience possible for you. Please stay tuned as retreat plans evolve by joining our Retreat Facebook Group.

In the meantime: We invite you to check out the beautiful, brand new Indigo Yoga Resort, where we will be staying.