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Galapagos Yoga Retreat

Discover the Galapagos from the youngest and largest of its islands, Isabela. This bucket list destination will host us for the perfect combination of yoga practice and the magic of nature. Basing ourselves in a beach-front lodge, we’ll enjoy daily yoga and excursions. Highlighted activities include snorkeling, hiking, relaxation, biking, & kayaking. Adventure alongside giant tortoises, iguanas, blue-footed boobies, rays, sharks, sea turtles, & more. Welcome to the edge of the world!


Caleta Iguana1177190
Puerto Villamil, Puerto Villamil Galapagos, EC
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  • Retreat

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Aug 2 to
Aug 9
08:00 amto18:00 pm

You will need to be either at the Baltra airport (GPS) or in the town of Puerto Ayora on Santa Cruz on the morning of August 2. From there, we will travel to our retreat destination, Isabela Island, together via ferry. We will return to Santa Cruz on August 8 and stay overnight in preparation for you departure flight anytime on August 9.



Pricing depends on the type of room you select and is based on double occupancy. Room upgrades and single occupancy are available for additional fees.

Full Description

Detailed Itinerary:

In the itinerary below, you will see a statement from the instructor detailing what to expect from each yoga session as well as a summary of the day’s activities. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to ask. As always, this itinerary is subject to change without notice due to weather, Galapagos National Park regulations, or other events.

Day 1: Arrival

Today is a long travel day but will be oh-so-worth it! Meet the other retreat participants at the Baltra airport on Santa Cruz island and begin the journey over to Isabela. From the airport, we transfer to the port town of Puerto Ayora where we’ll catch a 3 hour ferry across the open sea to our final destination.

Tonight, settle into your beach-front home and enjoy some sunset yoga to recover from your travels.

Welcome dinner with your instructor, trip leader, and other yogis

Day 2: Snorkel with Sharks

Morning Yoga: “You’ve arrived in the Galapagos!! We’ve got an adventure ahead of us. This morning’s yoga is a slow power flow–meant to ground you as we begin our activities in the Galapagos. This slow power flow will end with a few deep stretch poses to help out your hips and lower back from all of the travel!”

After lunch on your own in town, we head out to explore the Tintoreras where we have a short hike over a jagged lava field to a narrow channel where sharks rest. After the hike, enjoy time to snorkel, usually with sea turtles!! When we get back to the main dock, feel free to hang on to your snorkel gear and swim around with the penguins and sea lions before heading back to the lodge.

Evening Yoga: “Unwind your day after snorkeling with sea turtles (is this real life??) with a deep stretch and restorative practice–all to help you sleep your best.”

Day 3: Volcano Hike

Today, we’ll hike into the highlands to reach the most active volcano in the Galapagos. Marvel at the 10km wide caldera before continuing on to walk through the surreal landscapes of young lava fields full of lava tubes, colorful minerals, stunning vistas, and several different types of lava. We depart for the hike at 8am and the 5.5hr journey may be quite HOT as we cross black lava fields but the wild landscapes are absolutely worth it. We’ll have tons of water, sunscreen, and hats to combat the heat. Enjoy a picnic lunch along the hike under a lovely shade tree.

Late Afternoon Yoga: “After traveling through the black lava fields we will do a lovely slow flow cooling practice to prepare us for a relaxing evening in the Galapagos. This balancing practice will pair well with our day hike on the island.”

Day 4: Snorkel and Free Time

Vinyasa Flow Yoga: “Finally!! A 90-minute fun, kick butt vinyasa flow yoga class. Not to worry–all of these classes are all levels and easily adaptable to the whole group. Expand your physical practice in this 90-minute flow. Since it’s a free day, we can also workshop a few poses: what’s a challenge pose you’ve always wanted broken down in class? Handstands on the beach in the Galapagos? Yes, please!”

Today, enjoy the island at your leisure. Rent kayaks to paddle around the bay, take your snorkel gear back down to the pier to snorkel with penguins and sea lions, visit the tortoise breeding center, or simply enjoy the beach. If you want to take a trip up to the highlands to visit an old lava tube or are interested in biking, we can make this happen too! It’s your day.

Day 5: Tuneles Snorkeling

Today’s snorkel will be a longer journey, about 5 hours in total. We’ll head out at 8am to an area known as Tuneles. Here, we hike atop a lava field where tunnels formed as the molten rock hit the ocean forming what appear to be natural bridges over the aquamarine waters. After a short stroll atop the lava, we don our snorkel gear to swim under it! We’ll hope to swim with sharks & rays and will surely see colorful fish and perhaps a playful sea lion or two. Return to town in the late afternoon and enjoy some free time on the beach.

Evening Yoga: “Wow. You just swam with sharks. Practice tonight will be a heart-opening flow. Enough said!”

Day 6: Wall of Tears Hike

Morning Yoga: “A therapeutic flow practice this morning to prepare us for hiking and exploring. This class will be open to anyone who is working with specific injuries as well. What is everyone currently working with? How is everyone feeling in their bodies, minds, and hearts? Let’s check in.”

Today’s activity is a combination of biking and hiking. We’ll travel out to an area known as Humedales which is essentially a long road that leads to an enormous wall made of lava bricks built by the first settlers of the islands…prisoners! Along the way, there are side trails such as an estuary where many blue-footed boobies rest, tidal pools where marine iguanas are plentiful, brackish lagoons frequented by flamingoes, and giant tortoises strolling along the trails. We will have transportation take us to the end of this road, hike to the Wall of Tears, then ride back by bike towards town stopping along the way to spend time with the wildlife.

Sunset Yoga: “Slow Flow and Deep Stretch class. (Pssst: this is my favorite style of class to teach!!) This class will begin with a lovely hip-opening sequence and end with complementary deep stretch and restorative poses.”

Day 7: Return to Santa Cruz

Farewell Flow Yoga: “a celebration flow class as we reflect on our week together and our amazing time in the Galapagos.”

We’ll take the afternoon ferry back to Puerto Ayora on Santa Cruz in preparation for tomorrow’s departure flight. This evening, we will have a farewell dinner together and have time to stroll around the town.

Day 8: Departure

Making our way back to the airport, we’ll say goodbye to the islands and each other. Want to stay longer in Ecuador and/or the islands? Just ask!

About Your Instructor: Alex Moody

Alex Moody has been teaching yoga for over six years and is happy to call Asheville her home. She first discovered yoga in her living room in high school when her cousin Ralph, a cooler and older professional violist, showed her eagle pose. Not having any studios in the town in Northern Virginia where she was growing up, Alex first learned about the poses from the tv show Exhale with Steve Ross. Years later, while suffering from migraine headaches in graduate school at the University of Virginia, Alex began a regular practice.

Alex did both her 230 hour and 500 hour yoga therapeutics training at Asheville Yoga Center and graduated from Appalachian as a creative writing major (which she even uses while teaching yoga, yes). Alex is the Wellness Program Developer for Amazon­Andes Sky and assists in organizing yoga retreats in Ecuador every year. She will be returning for her third year to lead a retreat in the Galapagos in August 2015 and hopes to learn a bit more Spanish by then!

Alex is also available for one-­on-­one yoga therapy work and is currently training in Ortho­Bionomy techniques to work more fully with the parasympathetic nervous system. A self­proclaimed yoga mutt {and exercise mutt, she loves Pilates and CrossFit} Alex loves to learn about yoga from all different styles. She always relates to instructors who talk about their practice off of the mat and has studied with many instructors in Asheville as well as Michael Stone, Amy Weintraub, Steve Ross, Kathryn Budig, Heather Tiddens, and Bryan Kest.