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Getaway Well-Being Retreat: Meditation, Yoga Creativity and Food

Om! This getaway retreat will bring us together for the purpose to inspire each other to access unconscious feelings as a core condition of change and transformation. This is your chance to “bear gifts to the feast” of life by eating with gusto, reclaiming your creativity, perfecting your yoga practice, and honoring the present in mindfulness. Om


Sep 6 to
Sep 12
15:00 pmto10:00 am

Seven Days and Six Nights Back To Nature Well-Being Retreats with two meals a day provided (breakfast and Dinner) plus yoga, meditation, creativity workshops and, food preparation daily.


390 €

Full Description

You will embark on the first night in a playful journey together inviting into your lives: Balance, Preparation, and Reflection with a small initiatory celebration. The journey during the retreat is quite straightforward as you will be preparing and sharing nutritious and sustainable food to promote health and wellbeing, play with personalities by being expressive and creative to enhance characters, and learn to embrace and accept your own or others' vulnerabilities, rather than rejecting them, as means for growth and love. The last night we will come together to celebrate new beginnings as preparation for your return back home.

During your stay, you will have plenty of time to do yoga asanas, meditation, chakra guided imagery, and have fun with the unique creative workshops, social events, and food from a medley of cultures. Your ME-time will be letting your hair down in the spectacular sandy fluvial beaches, sunbathing, kayaking, and much more. The hiking trails reveal outstanding mountain views, dramatic cliffs, diversity of habitats, and archaeological remains.

Located in an ideal place to unplug, slow down the fast pace, and get back in touch with nature, this retreat allows you to feel utterly safe, welcome and cared for. This is a chance to restore clarity of mind and heart, recover from a long period of stressful work or family situations, and enjoy an amazing escape if you’re feeling tired, overworked, or just need a week to relax.

In this retreat, you may have a wonderful time learning a different practice than your own, get a strong foundation to continue your yoga practice, consolidate your inner awareness, take time to focus on how to get healthy again in body and mind.

Sample itinerary

Day 1: Welcome
You will arrive at your convenience to Quinta da Tartaruga (your retreat nature camp-base/center) in the heart of Serra de Estrela, Central Portugal. On-site teachers Sunitha and VeeraVasco (Siddharta) and facilitators ( Gali) will welcome you with herbal tea or fresh fruit juice.
You may choose to rest in the comfort of your accommodation (tent, cabin, or room), explore Sandomil, and/or mingle with other Globetrotters/retreaters. The welcome dinner will be served around sunset, offering a healthy and nutritious array of local foods.
Day 2: Exploring - Create new opportunities by challenging your fears, judgments, and reactions.
Day 3: Experimenting - Letting go of control by being present with uncertainty.
Day 4: Experiencing - Everybody wants happiness, nobody wants pain, but you can't have a rainbow without a little rain.
Day 5: Expressing - At the end of life, the questions are very simple: “Did I express fully? Did I express well?”
Day 6: Expand - What you seek is seeking you; respond to every call that excites your spirit (Rumi).
Day 7: Farewell - You will have a nutritious breakfast and check out.

Typical daily schedule (Day 2 to 6)

06:00 - 06:30 Meditation time (yoga Nidra / Vipassana / chakra healing)
06:30 - 07:00 Herbal tea time
07:00 - 08:15 Yoga asanas time
08:15 - 08:30 Me time (suggested to observe silence)
08:45 - 09:30 Breakfast time
09:30 - 10:30 Karma yoga time (be of service by helping with Quinta da Tartaruga)
10:30 - 15:00 Me time / couple time / group time (at leisure discover Serra de Estrela)
15:30 - 16:00 Tea time (group interaction)
16:00 - 18:00 Playtime (creative and expressive workshops)
18:15 - 20:15 Dinner time (you prepare food together 'Participatory and Sensory Activity’)
20:30 - 21:30 Inner child time (social event and gathering)
22:30 Nidra yoga and sleep time
Flirting on the border of sleep, you invoke a conscious state-psychic sleep, where you can set a resolve that permeates into the subconscious. Through the practice of Nidra yoga, you bring powerful potential for healing and self-growth that can result in deep transformation.

Day 7
09:30 Light and nutritious breakfast (buffet style) before you bid teary farewells
11:00 Check out from your rooms and take away beautiful memories

What is Included in this 7 days retreat:
Daily meditation (06:00 - 06:30) includes: Nidra yoga / Vipassana meditation / mindfulness meditation / chakras guided imagery / Chakra integration work
Daily Integral and integrative yoga (07:00-08:00)
The yoga sessions are designed as workshops rather than class format. The main yoga teacher, VeeraVasco Siddharta, has trained in various yoga styles and has also worked as a yoga therapist so please utilize him as best as you can. Globetrotters Retreats may also have yoga teachers from Portugal just for the day and some loving local yogini and yogis sharing their knowledge. Let’s hope. Sample of typical yoga practice: Pawanamuktasan, Hatha, Sivananda, Astanga, Flow, Tantric, Restorative, and much more.

Daily creative and expressive workshop (16:00-18:00)
The workshops are based on the principle of “low skills and high sensitivity”, so they are designed for you to unleash the creative you and play with performing and artistic modalities without specific artistic skills.

Daily participatory and sensory dinner where you prepare and consume food together (19:00-20:30)
You will be preparing wholesome delicious dinners together. Don’t worry. Sunitha, a food lover, and connoisseur will be facilitating the process of preparing exotic meals. As a sampler of ‘quite a mouthful’ dishes: Moroccan couscous, Indian curries, Portuguese Caldo Verde, Israeli Shakshouka, and Italian grandma’s secret dishes.

Daily social event and gathering (20:30-22:00)
These fun gatherings are designed for you to celebrate, enjoy, and have lots of loving fun. Please note that you may have some local friends (Tantric teachers, yogis, yoginis, artists, and musicians) who may surprise you with their visits and bless you with their healing and loving presence.

Daily social event and gathering
Evening 1: Life Celebration night
Evening 2: Share a tale night (let’s share a tale around a fire)
Evening 3: Performance night (share your talent, read a poem, sing a song)
Evening 4: Sound healing night (surprise everyone with a sound - anything can be used)
Evening 5: Sensual night (dress to awaken the senses and unleash your sensuous being)
Evening 6: New Beginning Celebration night/owl howling night/wolf howling night (let’s connect to the owl’s night howling as a symbol of wisdom and femininity (creative and fertility), which invokes the magic, mystery, and ancient knowledge within the moon's cycles of renewal. Let’s connect to the wolf’s night howling as a symbol of loyalty, diplomacy, self-confidence, and invokes balance between harmony and discipline, freedom and community, and instinct and intelligence. Wolves go out of their way to avoid conflict and serve as spiritual mediators.

NB: During breakfast, it is encouraged for people to interact with each other and organize a group activity such as hiking, swimming, sightseeing, and other outdoor activities. However, you can enjoy on your own if you prefer.

Included excursions
Sandomil Fluvial Beach and Picnic Area at 200 meters: Free, walking distance, swimming, sunbathing, cooking, toilet, bar and restaurant, and day and night events
Many fluvial beaches at walking distance and many others by car or other means of transport
Coffee bars
Sandomil historical walks