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Gong Puja - all night going bath

A full night under the cleansing vibrations of the gong


chausee de bondael 218, Brussels BE

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  • General Event

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Jun 22 to
Jun 23
21:00 pmto07:00 am

Doors will open at 21 for a 22:00 start


69 €

Full Description

We are sound, we are vibration, as sound enters our emotional, energy and physical bodies, the phenomenon of resonance, in combination with intent has the potential to soothe us, to help us transcend mental and physical blocks, to bring us closer to our true nature.

To me there is no greatest example of the power of sound than the sound of the Gong, its deep, cosmic vibrations can take us to a deep state of relaxation and transformation. The holistic sound of the sacred gong enters every cell, every atom and every wave of subtle energy to propel us forward.

The gong Puja, is a 7 and a half hour journey through the ethers of sound. A unique opportunity to go within, piercing through the layers of our conditioning, to find that place of clarity and resolve to help us transcend our limitations.

The summer solstice is the time to let our light shine, to enjoy the harvest of spirit and celebrate our transition to a time of light.

The invitation for the 22nd of June is to celebrate, transform and light our inner light through the power of sacred sound

There is no experience needed, just a desire to be, and to go within

Fiona, myself, and a Gong Sanga from Belgium and other countries will carry you through the night

Please do join us if it resonates with you, it will be our privilege to be of service and to generate a space of holistic resonance for you.

An Invitation to Awaken your Inner Light
Summer Solstice Gong Puja
A beautiful night of Gong bathing
Saturday 22nd June 21h to 7h Sunday morning
218 Chaussée de Boondael - Brussels

Places are limited - please book in advance.

Practical Information

Doors will open at 21:00 and participants set up their space around the Gong Pod bringing their own mats/inflatable mattresses and covers or sleeping bags.

The evening will start at 22:00 with some gentle breathing exercises, chanting and an opening ceremony to prepare for the evening and to ground and connect with ourselves and the group. Participants then will then settle down for the Puja which will start at 23:00.

During the time the Gongs will be playing gently you are welcome to sleep or meditate, respecting silence in this sacred space.

After 7.5 hours of continuous sound, the gongs will increase in intensity and then go silent. This moment of silence of Shunyata is a special time of integration.

There is no need to have any yoga or Gong experience to benefit from a Gong Puja. You will be encouraged to consciously surrender to what is already inside you. The experience of a Puja is very individual, but it can be a turning point or a moment of great clarity. The deep harmonics of the symphonic and planetary gongs which will be played may bring emotional and spiritual cleansing.

*A Puja is a ritual ceremony a moment of devotional attention. The word, Puja, originally from the devangari language means reverence, homage or ceremony.

Energy Exchange for participation at the Gong Puja :

Early Puja Transfer before 7th June : 62 euros
After 7th June : 69 euro

Comfort is of great importance:
- Bring an inflatable mattress - an electric pump will be available for your use
- Bring a sleeping bag or duvet and pillows or cushions - whatever you need to spend a night in comfort.

Comfortable clothes - a gong bath or puja is a fully clothed event !!!!!