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Good Vibes - Emotional Healing Meditation course

Do you want to know more about the impacts emotions like anger, fear, grief and love have on your body and how to shift them positively yourself - no middle wo/man required!?

Are you ready to learn powerful ways shift your mind and emotions? How about having tools on hand (experience and knnowledge) so you can create for yourself increased clarity of mind, calmer emotions and increased wellbeing, in the long and short term??
Yes??! then you are ready for Good Vibes


1 Cedar Court, Bellingen NSW, AU 2454

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  • Course

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Oct 26 to
Nov 23
03:00 amto05:30 am

Sunday Mornings over 4 weeks: 26 Oct, 2, 16 & 23rd November



EARLYBIRD: $140 booked and paid by 19th October

Full Description

" To feel is to heal"
... when you don't allow yourself, or are unable to 'feel' and 'express' your emotions in a constructive or useful essentially, they get in the way. You find yourself either effectively 'dead' as you cut off your emotional self, or exhausted from running around after your crazy wild-thing emotions as they drive you.
Good Vibes is a powerful 4 week course where you will come to understand and experience how to get out of commotion and locked emotions, enabling you to live from your heart more freely and confidently.
We will tap into eastern medical philosophy, yogic principles, chanting and meditation and blend them together over four two-hour sessions; exploring and healing the many layers of you in a synergystic way - and that is where the magic of this course lies - in the synergy, which creates harmony and that is healing.
These transformative sessions of total immersion in body-mind awareness will uplift you in the moment, take you on a path of long term healing, growth and self-understanding, and provide you with key tools to handle life 'as it comes'.

its time to sing your soul free!
.. and you dont even need to be able to sing :)

Here is a testimonial from one of our many (happy) Brisbane participants:
Drop everything - & do a spectacular service to your inner Self, by participating in a spiritually & physically dynamic workshop with the double-whammy duo of Brie AND Natalie! I did. It was wonderful. Not your ‘ordinary’ warm & fuzzy yogic wind-down. Brie & Natalie are each extremely knowledgeable in their respective fields – Brie has imbibed eastern approaches to living in our skins. Natalie has the brilliant perspective of scientific understanding. What a combo. Gentle, strengthening, compassionate, nurturing, uplifting, meaning-ful! Everyone there seemed to find personal relevance and deeper ways to unblock. What more could you ever want from a body-mind fulfilling workshop? Just do it. Stunning. Brisbane

What do we look at??
Week 1 - the HEART
- your organ of emotional coherence and intelligence
Week 2 - the SPLEEN
- your mother, your centre - your ability to contemplate consciously& transform
Week 3 - the LIVER
- your organ of organisation, control, and your moderator of stress
Week 4 - the KIDNEYS
- your foundation, your source of life energy

Brie and Natalie have developed this course together, fusing medicines from a potent mix of western science, kundalini yoga, and Chinese it keeps evolving, getting more potent, more relevant, and that means deeper impact for you.
The fusion of the 'old' with the 'current' provides a series of simple tools that can be incorporated within your life. Tools directed at our emotional imbalances - grief, joy, sorrow, anger, resentment, fear, anxiety, and our ability to change our expression of, and dwelling upon, 'them'.