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Ground Yourself: Anchor Your Energy and Thrive through the Holidays!

Weekly ZOOM Meetups that are downloadable.
Wherever you are! Whenever you want!
No need to worry about the snow or having to be somewhere at a certain time.
Each week we’ll explore wellness practices to anchor your center of gravity and not only stay sane, but THRIVE through the holiday season. Please see


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Dec 2 to
Jan 6
2019 - 2020
10:00 amto11:00 am

This is a zoom virtual class that may be attended live or when ever is convenient as it may be downloaded.



Full Description

Ground Yourself

Anchor Your Energy and Thrive Through the Holidays

6 Week Online Course

In this six week virtual class, we will encounter wellness practices to anchor your center of gravity and not only stay sane, but THRIVE through the holiday season.

If you’ve been wanting to pay attention to your health and mental well being, now is the time. So often this time of year ends up feeling as if things spiral out of control. Family obligations, shopping, expectations, grief, loss, commitments, they all intensify at this time of year. It can be all too easy to run on the auto-pilot of preconditioned habits and survival mechanisms that drain our vitality. In Eastern medicine, we say this internal and external chaos stagnates and depletes the Qi, or imbalances the Prana.

By anchoring your vital energy or Qi, you’ll feel more grounded, lighter, spacious, and calm. Better able to cope with stressors. Anchoring, or connecting to the center of gravity in your body, equates to increasing your stress threshold so you adapt instead of react habitually to life stressors. Practicing it at such a time of destabilization and activity can really benefit you not only now, but in the future.

In one hour a week, you can tune in and anchor yourself. This can allow for deeper processing and presence, as well as an enhanced ability to enjoy your life, not just get through it.

You don’t need to worry if it snows or if something comes up because you don’t need to leave your house. You can connect in during class time or whenever it is convenient for you on your phone, tablet, or computer. Since all sessions will be recorded, you can download them and revisit the information and meditations at any time.

This course includes:

One live/recorded class a week that you can download and listen to again and again. I love this feature. Being able to download material is something I personally value when I take an online class. These weekly virtual meet ups include grounding, yet uplifting, guided meditations that you can use over and over again. These can be used to center one’s self in a tough moment or to help you fall/stay asleep at night.

20 min consult: We will start with a private consult at the beginning of the course to set personal intentions.

One check in: To help keep you on track!

Classes will run on Mondays from 10-11am 12/2-1/6

Limited to 12 people.

Pilot program price: $295.

Registration is required by Friday, November 22nd. I would like to do our first check in/consult before then as well. Please call the clinic to register or do so online at the events page: