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Group BodyTalk Session Wed. April 8 @ 7 PM


6855 Rochdale Blvd, Regina SK, CA S4X2Z2
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  • Workshop

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Apr 8
07:00 amto08:30 am



Full Description

This session will help a person to:
- Create a foundation of Joy within the system so joy starts to become the natural state
- Get in touch with the two primary energies of Masculine and Feminine
- Balance the Masculine and Feminine energies within a person so they can reflect a healthy balance in their relationships outside of themselves
- Remove blockages along the Ida, Pingala and Sushumna Nadis so your life starts to flow more effortlessly and gracefully
- Open all of the chakras and allow the kundalini energies to start moving upward so they cleanse the energy systems naturally and all the time
- Center a person in their heart so they feel balanced, connected, open, and empowered