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Healthy Yoga Knees

Learn to develop a yoga practice that protects, supports, aligns, balances and strenghens your knees.

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Nov 15
08:00 amto10:00 am



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The knee is the largest, but very delicate and commonly injured joint in the human body. Through discussion, practice and "experiential anatomy", this workshop will attempt to explain the intelligent and conscious use of the knee and it's surrounding structures to both prevent and heal knee related injuries.
This workshop will cover:
• the skeletal anatomy of the lower thigh and upper leg bones.
• movement available at the knee joint, the ideal range of motion, the ligaments that prevent unwanted movements at the knee joint, and other factors that can limit range of motion.
• the muscles that cross the knee, including how to skillfully strengthen and stretch these muscles to cultivate musculoskeletal balance and stability at the knee joint.
• common knee injuries and imbalances, such as torn meniscus, ACL and MCL ligament sprains, IT band friction syndrome, chondromalacia patella ("runner's knee"), "knock-knees," "bow-legged" knees, and hyper-extended knees.
• yoga postures that potentially put the knee joint at risk, and how to practice these postures skillfully in order to prevent injury.