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Himalayan Adventure and sacred yoga pilgrimage 2016

4 day in the Holy Mystical City of Vrindarvan
1 day visiting the Magnificent Taj Mahal
6 day Himalayan Adventure

This is more then just a tourist trip, it is a pilgrimage into the heart of yoga. An opportunity to change you life


Himalayan Ashram1014660
Hill top peak- village of vastiha, Manali Himachal Pradesh, IN
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  • Retreat

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Mar 31 to
Apr 12
23:30 pmto23:30 pm



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Full Description

Our yoga adventure will begin in the Holy City of Vrindavan. This is a place of pilgrimage for Hindus world wide as it is the birth place of Lord Krishna. Vrindavan is home to over 5000 temples, large and small. Sacred chanting resonates throughout this town, and it is full of color, ritual, sound, and deep spiritual culture. It a place of mystical importance and can be said to be the “Heart Alter” of Bhakti yogis; those who follow the Path Of Devotion. Our stay in Vrindavan will be for four nights. Each day there will be a deeply rejuvenating yoga practice, in order to properly become grounded in India. On our Pilgrimage we will visit the most sacred and purifying river Yamuna, She is considered one of India’s three prominent Sacred Rivers. We will partake in a ritual called Puja: an offering of auspicious items such and flowers, fruits, incense and lamps, accompanied by chanting mantra. This ceremony will uplift the soul and purify the heart. We then will visit some of the oldest temples in the area, experience yogis offering their hearts in adoration to the Deity, sacred forms of the Divine.
While in Vrindavan we will also spend one morning visiting Vrndavan Food for Life. This is an outstanding worldwide charity organization which helps very poor children, particularly girls, get an education so that the cycle of poverty may be broken. It is the home of many other amazing environmental initiatives, including re-forestation, clean water facilities, a cottage industry for women, a library, a medical facility and an animal sanctuary. I would like to share this opportunity again to interact with the children at the school, visit the animal sanctuary, see their gardens, the paper re-cycling factory and help with the services that they provide. This is a great opportunity to be involved in some of the good work that is going on in a country where there is tremendous heart breaking poverty. Last year on our yoga adventure, this day was said to be one of the best and most fullfilling.

Our last adventure in Vrindarvan will take us to the sacred mountain call Govadhana Hill, where 1000 of pilgrims visit monthly, this is a place of great spiritual potency, the energy is surcharged
with prayer and deep focus concentrated on the Divine. The experiences you will be exposed to are not one of a tourist, but a seeker of the Truth. Meeting living yogis who’s minds are fixed on something far greater then the temporal. The impression will lay deep into ones consciousness, and will have the power to transform and awaken Divine love.
We will take a day l by taxi to Agra; the place of the Taj Mahal.

The last leg of our adventure will take us up into the Himalayas. We will fly from Delhi to a small airport called Kulu. There will be an outrageously beautiful scenic drive to Manali and a small village called Vasishta. Our destination, Ashima Ashram (lodge) is a 40 minute hike (luggage will be carried by worker) from the village Vasishta. Ashima Ashram is a place of stunning beauty. The name Ashima means that “The Place That Has No Boundaries”. It is located 2000 meters above sea level, and is surrounded with 4000 m – 5000 m high Himalayan mountain peaks and glaciers.
The Himalayan Mountains have been home to yogis and spiritualists since time immemorial. Mt Kailash, which is situated in the Himalayas, is said to be the home of Lord Shiva and his eternal consort Parvati. They are widely know as the first yoga teacher and the first yoga student, and are believed by some to be the Divine Source of all Energy and the Divine Energetic. Their spiritual shakti is vibrating throughout the whole region. From a naturalist’s perspective, mountains are an ideal place for meditation and reflection, as they provide a tranquil setting, far away from India’s typical intense level of hustle and bustle.
A noteworthy and remarkable feature of this area is that by the movement of tectonic plates in the earth, the Himalayan mountains are growing anywhere from two to twenty inches taller every year. One can actually feel the tremendous cosmic rising force of these mountains as they vibrate with an upward spiraling energy. And yet, the union of opposites, which is a constant thread in our yoga practice, becomes palpable here, as we are able to simultaneously feel the rooting energy and the stillness of these extremely large mountains, which provide the perfect setting for yogis to be grounded, nurtured and anchored.
we will go hiking to enjoy the mystical mountain energy.
In the evenings we will gather to share our experiences, to discuss our yoga journey and immerse in Sacred Chanting through Kirtan by a campfire. One can also sit and star gaze as another way to experience the wonders of God’s creation. Lastly, we will have time to enjoy an out breath from our more serious and internal work to have some fun. We will have a day, down in the village, for shopping for beautiful one of a kind hand crafts, clothes and textiles, and for taking a bath in one of the hot springs there.
Our journey will conclude with one last transitional day in Delhi where we will have time pick up any last treasures and keepsake from India in one of the world’s most famous marketplaces!