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Hip Opening Workshop

A yoga workshop focusing on opening the hips. We'll look at the anatomy of the hips, discuss the subtle energetic Chakra associated with the hips, and work through some yoga postures that encourage opening of the hips.


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101 Front Street, Berea OH, US 44017

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  • Workshop



Jan 24
07:00 amto09:00 am



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The hips are the largest joints in the body, and the reasons to do hip-opening
postures are many: Supple hips can ease back pain, contribute to a more agile gait,
and even improve circulation in the legs. But there's a more subtle benefit to hip
openers, too: We tend to hold stress and negative emotions—such as fear, guilt, and
sadness—in the pelvis. For this reason alone, it's particularly important to do poses
that move prana (life force) through that area. And with regular hip-opening practice,
one may see improvement in the rest of one's practice, since the pelvis is the
foundation of alignment in many poses. Our workshop practice will include a
heat-building hip, hamstring, and thigh opening sequence to prepare our
bodies for a series of deeper, longer held hip 'll spend some time
discussing the anatomy of the hips/pelvis as well as the subtle energetic
Chakras associated with them. $30. Register in-person at the studio or online