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Honing Your Power Compass: Biodynamic Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Are you ready to take your teaching and your practice to cosmic level? To deconstruct your brain and rewire yourself so we can be fully free to be yourself? Join Cat for a transformational Biodynamic Yin Training in Costa Rica where we will explore the power of invisible through Yin yoga, subtle energetics, Yoga Nidra, and Shamanic Dreaming.


Apartado 34-7302, Cahuita / Limon CR .
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  • Teacher Training

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Apr 29 to
May 13
16:30 pmto12:00 pm

On April 29 at 4:30 pm we will begin our journey together at the Goddess Garden in Costa Rica!

Each day, you can expect time for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and mini-breaks throughout the day.



Full Description

This training will enable you to leave lighter, grounded, centered, empowered and able to teach a Biodynamic Yin and Yoga Nidra class.

What is Biodynamic Yin?

Biodynamic Yin is the practice of Yin (longer-held passive poses that influence the fascia and energy lines of the body) interwoven with the awareness and wisdom of biodynamic craniosacral therapy and includes healing of the chakras and auric field.

What is biodynamic craniosacral therapy?

In this context, we learn how to feel the energetic tides in the body and develop awareness of our own fluid nature. We will also sense what it means and feels like to sense our own energetic fields, the fields of others, as well as “The Field” or entire healing space of the room. We see the power that occurs in “doing nothing” and deeply relaxing, on being the witness and seeing how the body has its own potential to heal itself once it recognizes its inherent wholeness. We understand the power of our own personal presence, how the consciousness and integration in our own field influences others and recognize the transformation that occurs for everyone when we ourselves remember who we truly are.


During this training you will:

- Experience, through practice and sequencing, Yin Yoga taught from the context of biodynamic craniosacral therapy
- Feel the tides of the body and work with your fluid nature
- Understand the power of presence and energetic fields
- Create a space for exploring how this energy influences our teaching
- Immerse in the power of the theta state and dreaming
- Create room for personal nourishment and healing
- Develop and tap into our own psychic radar and direct conduit to the divine

In addition, you will:

- Recognize and work with the subtle energetics of the body, hold the craniosacral field, work with the chakras, use breath and guided imagery for transformation
- Delve deeper into the subtle energetics of the system and working both hands-on and hands-off the body
- Learn how to access and live more consciously in the theta state as well as how to bring others there
- Become intimate with your subtle undercurrents and habit patterns
- Know your energetic field and choose how you want to run your energy
- Work with the Chakras
- Hone your ability to hold space
- Enhance your voice in an authentic way to clear out blockages that prevent you from speaking your truth
- Learn how to create your own ceremonies using sand paintings, mantra, meditation, creating grids as well as other elements
- Practice and learn how to teach complementary yang practices and know when these movements are most appropriate on an energetic and transformational level
- Practice periods of silence for more internal connection and listening
- Experience for yourself and learn how to take others on Yoga Nidra vision quests
- Take time to connect with nature in the magic of Costa Rica