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Hot Vinyasa Yoga

Hot Vinyasa Yoga Classes at FTD Dance Centre, Ashford

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May 7
11:45 amto11:45 am

Class 1: 18:45 - 20:00
Class 2: 20:00 - 21:00



Drop in classes are £12 for 75 mins, or £10 for 60 mins.
Alternatively, book a block of 5 classes for £45 (75 min class) or £40 (60 mins class)

Full Description

What is Hot Vinyasa Yoga?

‘Hot’ describes the temperature of the studio – we will be aiming between 28°C and 32°C. ’Vinyasa’ is a Sanskrit word describing the synchronicity between breath and movement, characteristic of yoga, especially Ashtanga. This encourages unity between mind and body, whilst also bringing a whole array of healthy physical benefits too.

Why Hot Vinyasa Yoga?

As the muscles and connective tissues become warmer, they also become more flexible. This enables you to stretch deeper to heal and balance the body, and reduce the risk of injury
The heat stimulates sweating, helping the skin to perform its role in detoxification of the body
The temperature, linked with the physical demands of Vinyasa Yoga (sometimes called Power Yoga), causes the heart and lungs to work hard, improving cardiovascular fitness, and …
… increasing the flow of oxygenated blood around the body, aiding detoxification deep inside your muscles and organs, boosting immunity and encouraging vitality.
This also causes you to burn more calories, up to 500 kcal per hour – which helps with weight management
Hot Vinyasa Yoga provides a great full-body workout in itself, but many students use it to support other sports due to the improved flexibility, strength, concentration and breathing capacity it promotes. In fact many professional athletes and teams use this style of yoga as part of their training regime, with significant results.
And finally, because Hot Vinyasa Yoga feels awesome!!

What to bring?

A yoga mat and a large towel (contact me if you would like to buy a Yoga Mat Towel). You will want to use a towel over your mat to stop any slipping and sliding, and because you can throw a towel in the washing machine when you get home!
A bottle of water – hydration is vital! Try to drink at least 500ml of water approximately an hour before class and the same again afterwards. It may be uncomfortable to drink during the class and could interrupt your flow, but I will not stop you from taking a few sips if you feel the need.
A change of clothes for after class. If you go outside wearing wet clothes, your body will cool down very quickly. It will be more comfortable and probably better for your health to cool down slowly in dry clothes – not to mention more hygienic!