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In A World of Myth & Story: Weekend Workshop at Kula Wellness Centre

Dive into the world of Indian mythology and explore its relevance to both our everyday life, and our practice of yoga. Meet some of the most fascinating characters from the epic stories of old and learn more about their archetypal significance and hidden esoteric symbolism. Each class will be a mix of storytelling, discussion, and practice, and will include take home handouts and resources for further study.


7714 Guthrie Road, Pemberton BC, CA V0N2L2
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  • Workshop

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Oct 18 to
Oct 20
11:00 amto09:30 am



Individual classes can be taken for $30 per class. This weekend workshop will include 5 classes that are each 2.5 hours long.
Space is limited to 12 participants so please register early.

Full Description

Friday Oct 18th 6:30-9pm

Ganesha: Lord of Thresholds and Remover of Obstacles

This class will include an intro to the weekend, some lively storytelling about India’s beloved elephant headed god, and a full spectrum asana practice that will conclude with grounding and hip opening poses.

Saturday Oct 19th 10-12:30pm

Sita: Daughter of the Earth and Goddess of Devotion

Meet Sita, beloved daughter of the Earth. In this morning practice we will explore the symbolism of this great goddess of devotion and learn ways in which we can embody her strength and courage in our own lives.

Saturday Oct 19th 2- 4:30 pm

Siva: Lord of Yoga and Destroyer of Illusion

Lord Siva has many names and forms and in this class we will explore his aspect as the Lord of Yoga and the destroyer of our illusions. This class will focus on seated poses and hip openers, pranayama, and meditation.

Sunday Oct 20th 10-12:30 am

Durga: Goddess of Power and Grace

Durga is a beautiful and powerful goddess known for both her fierce grace and her commitment to sadhana (spiritual practice). In this full spectrum class we will seek to embody the many facets of her character while we explore the depths of our own and discover what hidden tools (and weapons!) we possess.

Sunday Oct 20th 2-4:30pm

Krishna’s Divine Lila

Krishna is one of the most beloved forms of the divine and in this class we will invoke his playful beauty as well as his wise strength. This class will include flowing vinyasa, partner work, meditation and journal work.