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Indian Head Massage Workshop - Module 1 of Ayurveda Spa Specialist Program

Spring Indian Head/Scalp Massage Workshop Booking Starts. This is Module 1 of Ayurveda Spa Specialist Program

We offer Indian Head Massage Training on a mat for Yoga Teacher or a Massage Table/Seat for Registered Massage Therapist and Esthetician.

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1081 Bathurst Street, Toronto ON, CA M5R 3G8

Type of Event

  • Workshop

Yoga Styles



May 5 to
May 6
10:00 amto10:00 am

10:00am - 3pm per day

Dates (2 days)

April 16 & 17⁣

May 5 & 6⁣

June 9 & 10⁣

June 25 & 26⁣

July 15 & 16⁣

Aug 11 & 12⁣

Aug 25 & 26⁣

Sept 17 & 18⁣

Oct 6 & 7⁣

Nov 3 & 4⁣



Full Description

Learn Ayurveda Indian Scalp Massage using the Andrea Olivera (Ayurveda Spa Expert) Method.⁣

Benefits of Indian Head/Scalp Massage to Yoga Studio or Spa business client:

An Ayurveda Indian Head Massage rejuvenates the body, mind & spirit; helps to release blocked emotions, mental tensions and relieves migraine headaches & insomnia.⁣
What will you learn?
• Ayurvedic Indian head/scalp treatment and massages based on the three Doshas ⁣
• How to treat different scalp and hair conditions in the art of customization using warmed herbal essential oil blends and anti-aging serums and creams for the face⁣
• Shiro (Head) Abhyanga (massage technique) as well as an upper chest, neck and seated mini back massage treatment to relieve stress and condition the skin⁣
• About Body-Mind type, Guna therapy, Dosha Balancing, Scent as a vehicle for healing, Vedic philosophy for stress release and theory of the Yogic psychology for healing⁣

What is Schedule 2019 & How to schedule training?

Call to set up your preferred schedule. You can check the shared existing program schedule first to see if you can find a suitable match that works for you.⁣

Call 416-504-6049 or email to schedule your training.⁣ Also, you can signup for the Workshop on the website.

Cost: $450 + tax = $508.50

Duration: 2 days, full time