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Indonesia - Bukit Lawang- yoga workshop in deep jungle

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All students will receive 1 hour free massage by the expert jungle masseuses. This is one of the most beautiful places in the world.


Back To Nature Ecotourism Guest House3627777
Bukit Lawang, Langkat Regency Sumatera Utara, ID

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  • Workshop

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Mar 22 to
Mar 29
07:00 amto07:00 am

1 week of yogi living in tents in the deep jungle in Bukit Lawang. 3 meals are provided every day. Bring your tents. 5 rooms also available for extra price of $80 per day. Yantra, Mantra, Hatha and Earth Yoga at all levels taught. Fun, fun, fun. Agenda details provided upon request. Class size limited to 15 people. First come, first served.



Yogis must pay for their flight tickets to Medan, Indonesia and we will arrange the pickup from Bukit Lawang which is about 3-4 hours from Medan. Travel light is best. Orangutan is a common sight at this retreat location. Look up Back2 Nature, which is on Trip Advisor if you would like to see this place.

Price above is only good until Jan 31st.

Full Description

The following is only a taste of what will be given. Beyond this we will delve into bhakti yoga, swara yoga, tantra yoga, kundalini yoga, pranayama and painting yantras.

The Yoga Jungle Sequence (Earth Yoga) is better suited to a warm environment of temperatures between 30 to 37 degrees Celsius with a humidity of up to 50%. This simply allows our body to open up faster and allows our heart rate to increase which thus improves our overall circulation of blood flow through the body. The yoga sequence is designed to strengthen, lengthen and open up the body in a safe logical way. This yoga practice will also work without the heat and you will need to breathe deeper into your body continuously to generate more heat. The heat (Hot Yoga) allows beginners to easily receive the benefits of a well circulated system within the body so you may simply feel strong, healthy and connected to your body. YogiJungle provides a system for cleaning out the body from the toxins of todays extreme lifestyle with or without the need for external heat to be used in the yoga setting. With Yin yoga the focus will be on hip openers and revitalizing the muscles and joints. The Yin Yoga sequence (Earth Yoga - Air) is designed for all ages and is a nice antidote to a long stressful day or as a complement to any Hatha Yoga exercise. All of the above methods with work with Prana or the life force breath and as such we will always begin with some form of yogi pranayama techniques that have been taught from numerous Masters.

Responsive & Interactive

An outline of the sequence adapted from Earth Yoga ()

1. • Ujayji Pranayama Virasana / Siddasana
2. • Balasana

3. • Tiger – Cow
4. • Adho Mukha Svanasana
5. • Utanasana
6. • Tadasana
7. • Surya Pranayama
8. • YogiJungle Namaskar A
9. • YogiJungle Namaskar B
10. • Ardha Chandrasana I
11. • Ardha Chandrasana II
12. • Goddess Pose I,II,III, IV
13. • Parivrtta Utkatasana

14. • Garudasana
15. • Vrksasana
16. • Utitha Padangustasana
17. • Dandayamana Janushirasana
18. • Natarajasana
19. • Virabhadrasana III
20. • Dekasana

21. • Tadasana
22. • Prasarita Padottanasana I, II, III
23. • Virabhadrasana II
24. • Parsvakonasana
25. • Parivrtta Anjaneyasana
26. • Parsottasana
27. • Tadasana

28. • Squat
29. • Navasana I, II, III
30. • Kapalbati Breath Ardha Navasana

31. • Phalakasana
32. • Vasisthasana
33. • Bakasana
34. • Bhujapidasana
35. • Chaturanga Dandasana

36. • Pigeon
37. • Agnistambhasana

38. • Salabhasana I
39. • Arm Cross
40. • Salabhasana II
41. • Arm Cross
42. • Danurasana
43. • Supta Vajrasana
44. • Dandasana I, II
45. • Ardha Kurmasana
46. • Ustrasana I,II,III
47. • Balasana

48. • Apanasana
49. • Supine Twist
50. • Lying Core Twist
51. • Supta Parivrtta Garudasana
52. • Ananda Balasana
53. • Savasana
Yoga Jungle Goal

The goal is to find the middle between extremes, once we do that we can perform the postures with ease and joy.

Open to grace is the first principle of Anusara Yoga. This stems from the belief that we are more than just our physical body and mind. That everything is made out of the same energy, the whole of existence: you, me, nature and the streets. That everything is one thing. Opening to grace during yoga is connecting and aligning ourself to this energy, that is bigger than us. That energy that intrinsically is us, the space in which everything appears and that what appears in it.