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Initiation is for those who wish to become Yogastrology® Inspired certified and / or deepen their knowledge of the sky, body correlations, and much more.

Everyone is welcome.


Dec 21 to
Dec 23
11:45 amto11:45 am

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"​Initiation Training: Mandala of Wholeness

​Initiation is for those who wish to teach Yogastrology® and / or deepen their knowledge of the sky, body correlations, and much more.

Everyone is welcome.

Learn astrology through the divinity that is your body, and seasonal yoga practices.

Experience how to build bridges between these ancient sister systems, yoga and astrology.

Explore how I Fire I Air I Water I Earth I transforms everyday wellness into a nuanced healing ritual:
spiritual I fire
mental I air
emotional I water
physical I earth

Rejuvenate feelings of belonging and bliss.
Our tribe is committed to embracing Our Wholeness.
Connection is Healing.

I'm so excited to connect with you, with the stars, the seasons, the earth, our bodies and our tribe.

Awaken to your Mandala of Wholeness and join us today!

First three people to sign up get the Aries-inspired deal: $338!

Taurus (early birds) and Gemini (up to two weeks before event) special is only $358!

Regular price is $378!

This training changed my life so much I have invested in two more! ​Which is why we are here now! I will be the one training YOU!

~*~Investing in yourself, investing in each other, investing in community is a non-refundable karma yoga~*~aka no refunds loves! Please make sure you are ready to commit to our tribal growth and your own personal mandala of wholeness.

Yogastrology® was listed as one of TOP TEN TRENDS WORLDWIDE by IForm (“In Shape”), the most popular Scandinavian women’s health magazine. Thank you, IForm!

August 18-20
Chico, California

This is a 12-hour training. We begin Friday night with Celebration and Ceremony.

Saturday we dive into the mandala of wholeness.

Sunday we complete the wheel and celebrate our connection, the intention seeds we will share, amplifying each others' light and spread the tribe around the world."