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Inner Fire, Inner Calm

This experiential workshop presents simple, noncompetitive
yoga practices for a healthy stress response that can be targeted to reduce chronic tension and systematically relax the physical body, the emotional body, and the mind—resulting in a body and nervous system better prepared for life’s challenges.



21 Belmont Street, Cambridge MA, US 02138

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  • Workshop

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Oct 24
14:30 pmto16:30 pm



$30 discounted tuition, $35 week-of

Full Description

A healthy stress response allows you to meet difficult moments with the ability to see a situation clearly, and respond more effectively without becoming overwhelmed.

In this workshop you learn techniques to help you:
—release blocked energy, focus your mind and cultivate a strong witness
—develop the ability to stay present in the midst of difficult situations
—find greater vitality, clarity and contentment, both inside and in the world
—cultivate the capacity to be with a greater range of emotions, feelings and sensations and watch patterns as they emerge
—release habitual patterns so that you can create new patterns from a place of discrimination versus a place of reaction
—transform how the mind and body intuitively respond to stress

We explore and practice the lesser-known gem of yoga, pranayama or yogic breathing, techniques that encourage relaxation, and activate and channel energy. Through a unique sequence of postures, coordinated with breath, you strengthen the witness, and nourish and balance the body and mind. We end the workshop with a progressive meditative relaxation practice—Yoga Nidra—the antidote for lifestyle stress.

All levels, no previous experience necessary.