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Inner freedom retreat 3nights/4days Retraite Yoga, Libération,Guérison

Yoga dans l’Bois is a summer time series of small yoga retreats. Our purpose is to bring people together in nature to recharge, learn, share and grow. This 3 nights 4 days retreat is about inner freedom, healing and nature synchronization.


1 Riviere Gatineau, Ferme-Neuve QC, CA J0W1C0

Type of Event

  • Retreat

Yoga Styles



Jul 27 to
Jul 30
14:00 pmto15:00 pm

Retreat of 4 days/ 3 nights in July, 4 hours North of Montreal towards Mont-Tremblant. 7 retreats available in July & August of 3 or 5 nights.



Daily yoga classes
Meditation sessions
Art therapy session
Auto-hypnosis session
1 Sweat lodge
Excursions to the local art gallery and bee farm
3 nights accommodation
Daily vegetarian meals
1 Pontoon river ride
Canoe / kayak ride

Full Description

Wednesday - July 27, 2016
14:00 Meeting point in Ferme-Neuve at the art center "au Pays du Windigo" or in the land of Windigo and its native traditions site. An introduction about chakras and sage cleansing.
17:30 Arrival in the forest and cabin distribution
18:00 Vegetarian buffet
19:30 Presentation of the week and the spaces
20:00 Hypnotherapy relaxation with Raphaelle
21:00 Bonfire, if the weather permits
22:00 Rest

Thursday - July 28, 2016
Sunrise Kundalini yoga practice with Marie Chantal
09:00 Smooth Vinyasa yoga and self-massage with Maude
11:00 Vegetarian buffet. Fruits and teas are available starting 07:00.
14:00 Free time
16:00 Sound bath with Marie Chantal
18:00 Vegetarian buffet
19:30 Art therapy: free your body with Raphaelle
21:00 Bonfire, if the weather permits
22:00 Rest

Friday - July 29, 2016
Sunrise Kundalini yoga practice with Marie Chantal
09:00 Smooth Vinyasa yoga and self-massage with Maude
11:00 Vegetarian buffet. Fruits and teas are available starting 07:00.
14:00 Free time
16:00 Light vegetarian buffet
19:30 Sweat lodge with Roque

Saturday - July 30, 2016
08:00 Meditation: harmony with nature with Anna-Kim
09:00 Sharing fire circle
13:00 Departure from the forest
14:30 Visitation of Miels d’Anicet, a local honeybee farm and boutique in Ferme-Neuve
After the visit at the local honeybee farm, you will go back to your home.

Included excursions
At the beginning of this retreat, you will be able to visit the Centre d’art au pays de Windigo or Center for Art in the land of Windigo and its native traditions site. Before going home, you will visit Miels d’Anicet. It is a local honeybee farm and boutique in Ferme-Neuve. You will also experience a pontoon ride on the river to Chutes Serpent.

Marie Chantal Roussel
In 2000, Marie made her training as a naturopath, massage therapist, reflexologist, and énergéticienne as she expanded her knowledge with training for body treatments such as body scrub, body wrap, and facial relaxation.

Marie was certified Usui Reiki Practitioner level 4. A few years later, she became Reiki practitioner Tummo (Kundalini) level 2. She finds parallel Vipassana meditation and practicing yoga for several years.

During one of her trips, when she crossed the United States, she made a few stops in Vipassana meditation centers where she goes regularly as meditating or servant for the past 11 years to deepen this lifestyle by making baths silence and impermanence. Vipassana means seeing things as they really are.

Marie went to live in Western Canada where she attended a Kundalini yoga session where she finally found that unity which sought between the balance of body, mind, and soul. Incredibly surprised by this technology that has enriched his life and rapid benefits, she followed her training as a teacher in order to share these rich teachings to the largest number of people possible.

Marie went to New Mexico for an internship women camp from which she came back with lots of gifts and opportunities to create custom workshops.

Marie Chantal Roussel was certified Kundalini yoga instructor international in 2010 and received his spiritual name "Nam Kamal Kaur" meaning "princess or lioness of God that flourishes and prospers in purity and excellence meditating on the name of God and feeling the presence of God in her heart."

Marie shares her practice and teaching in a sense of humor, passion, joy, and a deep understanding that each individual must respect each, listen to her own body, heart, and mind going there while following their own breathing, and their own pace. She is grateful to share this technique.

Roque Saenz
Originally from Chile, Roque is an agronomist specializing in organic farming, biodynamic, natural, and agroforestry. He organizes conferences, workshops, and seminars across South and Central America on all kinds of topics related to agricultural science and nature to help others take better care of themselves and of mother earth. He is also the co-founder of Universomos in Chile, which aims to share the same principles.

The teachings of the sweat lodge were passed to Roque more than four years ago by his Mexican grandmother, Ximena Vera. Following further training and exchanges with other First Nations groups via Chile Ecuador and Argentina, he transmits and turn this medicine, where the wind guides him. He met Anna-Kim in a yoga festival in Chile three years ago, where he gave a few workshops and was leading a temazcal, which brings him to Du Yoga dans l'Bois this summer.

Roque will visit North America for the first time and share his experience of working with the land and the medicine of the Temazcal with you with love.

Anna-Kim Pagé
Anna-Kim practices yoga for four years, and she is certified as an instructor of Hatha yoga for a year. She will share lessons meditation and harmony in nature this summer in addition to coordinating the project.

For Anna-Kim, yoga is a way of life illuminated by a conscious level selected. The study and constantly listening to oneself and the universe around. It made her realize that the limits imposed to each and everyone begin with their own thoughts. Awareness and take time becomes freedom. Her body, energy, thoughts, and emotions, yoga teaches Anna-Kim to observe without judging. Her reactions to situations that life puts in front of her give her the tools to accept and continue to move forward without fear. Observe, breathe, thank, and continue is also part of yoga to her.

Maude Laperrière
Maude practices yoga and balance. During her own practice, Maude investigates her physical, emotional, and energy limitations with openness, and love. According to her, it is this ability to welcome each tiny part of what they are, with tenderness and humor, which is the key to development.

That's what Maude wants to offer her classes, where she shares the re-generator yoga tools, passive and active, self-massage, conscious movement, meditation, and experience the voices and sounds. By these techniques, Maude tends to remind her students the way to their center, potential, and this feeling of gratitude that arose because of simply being present with you.

For a more intimate approach, she also practices Thai yoga massage, Ayurvedic and therapeutic in nature. With Yoga in the Woods, she plans to serve and learn from yoga, community life and nature.

Lukasz Kruk
As a child, Lukasz wanted to become an athlete, a football player, a martial arts master, and a dancer. Since he was young, he always felt the need to express himself through his body, a capacity and a natural need.

At Yoga in the Wood this summer, Lukasz will be splitting two workshops of "Just Be Yoga" as well as during the Thai massage that will be assisted by his friend Raphaëlle in order to help you restore all the energy in your body, release tension and blockages and improve your overall health and well-being. He also offers his services as a massage therapist in a private session on-site from July 21 to 30.

Raphaelle Salmon
Having always been fascinated by behavioral and group psychology, Raphaelle has hosted numerous workshops with children and young people with problems. When she was younger, she worked with an autistic child at home. Frustrated not being able to do more to help at the time, she came to train herself in hypno-therapy, art therapy, and Suggestopedia within the Dolfino Academy in Montreal. She now offers her services to children and adults, who are in fact big kids.

Raphaelle offers two additional workshops inviting you to let go by the medium of the art of theater and movement in the body and of hypnosis and relaxation. Full of beautiful surprises await you in these two workshops, where you will come aware of your vulnerability, your sensitivity, and be proud of it.

Raphaelle will also attend with her friend Lukasz workshops in Thai massage for two and Just be Yoga. She will also be available for private consultations on hypnosis during July 21 to 30.