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Introduction to Aurveda

Join Neva in a journey of understanding the principals of Ayurveda and how it can balance all facets of your life


4609 Willow Lane, Chevy Chase MD, US 20815

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Apr 4
06:30 amto09:30 am

Saturday April 4, 2015



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This ancient system is the medical system of Yoga and the key to conscious living. It has to do with balance. Ayurveda, Yoga and Traditional Chinese medicine understand that we are governed by forces of nature. Chinese medicine calls these Qi, Yin and Yang and Yoga and Ayurveda call them Rajas, Ssattva and Tamas, or Agni, Soma and Prana. These forces weave together and through, the material world, Prakriti, which is comprised of 5 elements. The entire Universe and our own bodies are comprised of these elements, Earth, Water, Fire Air and Ether. Our physical constitutions are combinations of these elements called Doshas.

Self Knowledge is the key to finding happiness and health and in Ayurevda this means understanding your nature and how you best interrelate with the natural world, from the types of food you eat, where you live, how you work and think and love.

Together we will explore through practice and lecture the science of longevity and the application of opposites to find balance:
The Philosophical Background
The Energetics of Creation
The 5 Elements and Body Constitution
What is Agni?
What is healing?
What is Prana?
Nature and the Goddess
The 10 Keys to Good Digestion
Living in Harmony with Nature and Your Nature
Introduction to the Deeper Practices of Jyotish, Mantra, Marma and Aromatherapy