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Introduction to Ballet Fit

An Introduction to Ballet Fit



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11 St George Wharf, London GB SW8 2LE

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Jun 9
14:00 pmto16:00 pm



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Ballet Fit is a low impact workout that burns fat, sculpts and tones the muscles of the entire body and improves core strength and stability.

In this introductory workshop led by Claire Hawkins we will incorporate the positions, moves, grace and technique of ballet with the flexibility of yoga and the cardio challenge of intensive interval training – all set to upbeat music which means the session is fun and enlivening despite the burn!

The workshop will incorporate five sections:

An introduction to some of the basic ballet positions to ensure safe and correct alignment.

A warm up and cardio routine using both balletic and traditional aerobic moves –this will get the heart rate lifting and the body prepared for the burn of the next stage!

A number of intense, tiny, repetitive movements designed to target specific muscles until they fatigue. These toning exercises are interspersed with cardio bursts to keep the heart rate slightly elevated.

A ‘floor and core’ workout – just what it says on the tin! We hit the floor to continue toning the muscles and to work on creating a nice strong core.

And……stretch! A chance to work on elongating the muscles with a number of ballet stretches.

The workshop is ideal if you are thinking of going on to explore Barre classes as all exercises in this workshop can be transferred to a Barre. Suitable for all abilities. No dance or ballet experience is needed.