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Introduction to Insight Meditation


Airbender Yoga Studio
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#3739 University Heights, Belize City BZ

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Aug 11
15:00 pmto18:00 pm

Saturday, August 11th from 3-6 pm at Airbender Yoga Studio (#3739 University Heights)



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Overcoming Roadblocks to Effective Mindfulness Practice

Modern scientific research about mindfulness and meditation reveals that with regular, long-term practice, this simple skill can have a profoundly positive impact on our life.

For one, the brain gets “rewired” with new neural pathways that make us calmer and more aware. That part of the brain that is responsible for the habit of ‘fight or flight’ (the amygdala) becomes less reactive, such that in challenging situations one doesn’t feel as threatened.

As a result one experiences less stress, less anxiety, greater focus, calm and happiness. The more frequently on practices, the more strengthened these pathways become. For example, just as our brain adjusts when we learn a new skill such as yoga asanas or driving, it also naturally adjusts when we make mindfulness a part of our habit. Many who practice mindfulness find that it also increases self-awareness, emotional intelligence, self-acceptance and love. As a result they engage in healthier interpersonal relationships and wiser decision-making.
This three-hour session will engage you in guided practice of various mindfulness techniques, including learning to observe your breath, and to be aware of your body sensations.

You will learn about your mind and common difficulties with mindfulness. You will also learn habit patterns that could enhance practice. You will also learn how to identify and overcome those roadblocks that might prevent you from maintaining consistent practice.

$45 for members and $55 for non-members.
The prices include a $5 non-refundable registration fee.

Kindly note that this is a fundraising event to raise money towards our community funds to provide conscious movement services (yoga, dance, pilates, calisthenics) free of cost to less privileged Belizeans. Feel free to donate more than the advertised price if you would like.