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IYM - integrated yoga + mindfulness teacher training

“when you shape mind as much as body…
… all movement matters”
Photo by Hanri Shaw

Training with us, you will learn to teach students how to work with their minds as much as their bodies, how to unlock flexibility and work with the stiffest muscle, the one between their ears. We will teach you about 1st and 2nd brain intelligence and how to teach students to practise using both.


4 South Street, Chipping Norton GB OX7 7BU

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  • Teacher Training


May 24 to
Oct 31
09:00 amto17:00 pm



Full Description

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IYM (integrated yoga + mindfulness) 200 hour Teacher Training

Course Outline

This course seeks to develop the capacity in trainee teachers to teach mindfulness as an integral part of asana practice and so cultivate the awareness that our body is a map of our mind. Any aspiring teacher of IYM needs to develop this capacity within themselves in order to effectively teach it to others and move the practice off the mat and into daily life. There is a strong emphasis on developing teaching confidence throughout the course.

•2 years regular yoga practice
•An existing mindfulness practice (or equivalent) or enrolment on an 8 week mindfulness course to be completed before the end of the teacher training.

About Modules 1, 2 + 3
There are 3 modules of 7 days each plus one day of mindfulness.

Module 1 introduces key mindfulness techniques and their integration into yoga practice. You will learn the philosophical underpinning of mindfulness and directly experience the impact this has on your practice and the practice of your future students. You will have the opportunity to safely practice teaching a wide range of primary postures in ways suitable for a diverse audience. You will be introduced to the principles of sequencing in preparation for Module 2. Students who are ready will be encouraged to set up first classes for beginners/friends.

Module 2 starts with an opportunity to consolidate your learning from Module 1. We move onto a range of different sequences with the opportunity to design and teach your own sequences in pairs and larger groups. Supporting this will be a further deepening of your use of mindfulness, both in the integration within the posture and also in the way you teach and interact with students.

Module 3 is focused on harnessing all that you have learned in the past two modules and honing your teaching skills. There will be a focus on class craft, developing your own voice, appropriate sequences and knowledge of suitable adjustments.
©yogaunlimited, Hugh Poulton, Sarah Haden

Total contact time is 170 hours and the training is divided into 6 categories:
1. Yoga training and practice (YTP)
2. Mindfulness training and practice (MTP)
3. Teaching methodology (TM)
4. Teaching experience (TE)
5. Anatomy and Physiology (A&P)
6. Philosophy and History (P&H)
Most of the module sessions are a blend of more than one of the above categories: for instance all of the asana training will also have embedded within it mindfulness training and teaching as an essential component of this integrated approach.

Additional content
In addition to the course work the following is required over the duration of the course:
•20 mins (minimum) personal yoga practice per day recorded in diary
•20 mins (minimum) personal mindfulness practice per day recorded in diary
•10 hrs shadowing an experienced teacher
•15 hrs online yoga and anatomy course
(unless equivalent qualification held)
•5 hrs practical and written assignments (not essays but practical actions to get you teaching as soon as possible)
•attendance at weekly yoga class taught by a suitably qualified or experienced teacher recorded in the diary
There are no essays to write.