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Jaguar Path Training in Yoga and Shamanism

The Jaguar Path Sources from Peruvian shamanism and yoga. This training is designed for evolutionary individuals, therapists, healers, yoga teachers, Reiki practitioners, and for individuals who are interested in taking a dive into the depths of the technology of energy healing in order to heal and empower.


70 Kemble Street, Lenox MA, US 01240

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  • Workshop

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Oct 24 to
Oct 25
09:00 amto15:00 pm

9 weekend workshops October thru June



$300 per weekend plus $150 registration fee. 10% discount when paid in full before October 24th

Full Description

Each session begins with Jaguar Yoga which incorporates meridians, the energy body and emotions. Yoga is a reset button for the nervous system and the endocrine system. Once those are reset the luminous body is reset. Then the world becomes clear and navigable.

As the sessions unfold you will learn shamanic tools ( Chakra Illumination, Soul retrieval, Cord cutting, Balancing the energy body and more.) You will understand the energy mechanisms of each tool, witness a demonstration and then exchange the healing tool with a fellow student. This gives you the invaluable opportunity as a receiver to feel what the tools does to you and your energy and in the role of the healer to witness what a direct and empowering shift you can offer.

Paired with the shamanic technology you will learn to use the I-Ching, read the Tarot deck, establish a firm understanding of the Ayurvedic principals (doshas), learn about Hindu and Incan mythology, Archetypes, read body language and more. The group of students quickly becomes a tribe. Allies in a sacred space infused with appreciation, love, humor, openness and courage.

Session 1
Yogis and Shamans
October 24-25, 2015
Yoga and shamanism are deeply mystical studies, yet precise and detailed in their science. During your first session you will discover the shared foundations of these two ancient technologies. You will begin your journey by diving into how both yoga and shamanism clear the body of old traumas and allow us the possibility to live each moment in clarity.

Session 2
Power Animals
November 21-22, 2015

Both the yogic and shamanic traditions use the archetypes of power animals as allies, advisors and protectors. You will study the chakra totem and explore the power animals of the Inkan trilogy, Serpent ( body), Jaguar (mind)and Condor (spirit) and the monkey (Hanuman) and elephant (Ganesh) gods from Hindu mythology. You will leave this session with a deep understanding of power animals and how to access their wisdom in your life.

Session 3
Shamanic Journeys
December 19-20, 2015
The power of the shaman lies in the ability to explore and make changes in the subconscious. Their method is journeying. In this session you will explore three profound shamanic journeys, Soul Retrieval, Power Animal, and Meeting your Ally. Not only will you benefit from this healing and empowering process but also learn how to lead others in journeys.

Session 4
The Discipline of Freedom
January 30-31, 2016
In your fourth session, you take a deeper dive into the science and philosophy of yoga as a path to liberation. You will establish an understanding of the basic principles of Ayurveda and amplify your experience of meditative yoga on and off the mat.

Session 5
Energy Mechanisms
February 27-28, 2016
In this session you will be instructed in the mechanisms of energy and how to clear three distinct types of energies, (energy worms, object extraction and intrusive entity extraction). These practices allow you to liberate crystalized prana from the energy body making it once again accessible for everyday life and the designing of dreams.

Session 6
Dear Advisor Divination
March 26-27, 2016
The sixth session is all about the sixth sense of insight and the use of oracle techniques. Through exploration of the I-Ching, you will learn to draw information from ancient Taoist wisdom. You will discover that not only do we receive information from the future through divination, but that we also affect the outcome of events through the use of sand paintings; we become the directors of our own life and future.

Session 7
Tracking and Seeing
April 23-24, 2016
You will learn how to track information through body language and a person’s aura. As an important complement to the consultation process you will also receive Ayurvedic remedies, nutritional information and instructions on making an altar. This will help your clients begin to build and establish a balanced and spiritual lifestyle.

Session 8
Using the Passwords
May 21-22, 2016
Each client comes with a story and specific words that bind them. You will learn how to identify these “passwords”. Offering new words to your clients, assists them to release guilt, pain and inhibitions and enables them to rewrite their story. In this session you will establish the consultation protocol (a minute-to-minute guide on how to offer a session), learn the nuances of a shamanic consultation and the technology of clarifying priorities and methodology.

Session 9
Feathers, Rattles and Drums
June 11-12, 2016
Your graduation will be celebrated with fire ceremony! You will learn how to build a sweat lodge, and enter your final purification as an empowered healer. You will discover the most auspicious times of the year to perform ceremony, how to lead men’s circles, women’s circles, and ways to honor the changing of seasons. Together we dedicate our prayers to the healing of the planet, humanity, loved ones and ourselves.