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Journey through the Chakras

What are the chakras and how do they influence our lives? How do I consciously direct energy during yoga to unblock, purify and balance my entire being? How do I awake my soul?

This incredible 8 week journey explores deeper aspects of the chakras and will unravel the different layers of your existence through the use of ancient and potent Yogic and Tantric practices.

Come and experience a deeply energetic and spiritually sublime class!


3 - 7 Mowlem Street, Bethnal Green London, GB E2 9HE

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  • Course

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Jan 8 to
Feb 26
11:00 amto11:00 am

Classes are running from 8 January - 26 February 2015 18:00 - 20:00



Get a £40 reduction if you book for the entire course - only pay £120!

Full Description

Authentic Yoga is a system of personal development and spiritual growth. This course teaches the Agama system of yoga, a truly authentic and integral yoga combining Hatha, Tantra, Kundalini and Laya Yoga.

During the 8 weeks you will learn about basic Yogic concepts:

*The Polarity of Energy - How to attune to universal energies and consciously direct this flow to your energy centres.

*The 5 Bodies - The different levels of human consciousness and how they affect your day to day life.

*The Chakras - What they are, how they work, their influence in our lives.

*The Glands - How they correspond to the chakras and the holistic connection to health and wellbeing.

*The Indriyas - Organs of action and reception and their relation to the chakras.

The Hatha Yoga part of the course will teach you a set of warm up exercises designed specifically to prepare the chakras for sublimation and energy work. Through combining physical postures, breathing techniques, relaxations, visualisations and meditations you will learn to:

* Consciously perceive, control and direct energy
* Unblock, Purify and Balance your entire energy system
* Increase vitality, self confidence and inner balance
* Expand your energy
* Increase mental insight
* Heighten creativity
* Cultivate deep internal calm

This course is designed to give you a better insight into the different layers of your existence so that you may understand who you are and why you do the things you do. In understanding and embracing this truth of your own being, you may develop a deeper compassion and acceptance of others in the world around you.

Some feedback of previous workshops:

“Really enjoyed it! I thought the theory was very interesting and insightful (sometimes I wanted it to go on for longer!) I felt with yoga classes before I was always wondering if I was holding the position correctly but I felt reassured that I was with this course. Your teaching methods were spot on. You have a very calming presence and are very approachable. I think the combo of yoga and meditation is what makes this class unique.” - Tula K (London)

About the theoretical content : “Quite amazing to be able to access such knowledge locally!” - Lyndsay T (London)

“ Enjoyed the course very much. I found the theory interesting and have spoken to others about it! This is the first time that I have been involved with any form of yoga and it has inspired me to continue.” - Kate K (London)

“I really enjoyed the course, it involved elements of yoga which I had never explored before. the theory was very interesting and the physical elements were enlightening. I saw colours I had never seen before and always left the class feeling uplifted and positive.”
-Steve T (London)