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Journey to the Land of the Gods: Retreat to Rishikesh India

Rishiskesh is bucket list city for any traveler, a no brainer for any yogi and an absolute must for any yoga teacher. Enjoy two daily practices filled with yoga, meditation, mantra and spiritual philosophy. Time alone to explore, sit and be somewhere different and sacred fire ceremonies on the Holy Ganga!


Holy Ganga Nesting Place7445371
Laksman jula, rishikesh IN
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  • Retreat

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Mar 3 to
Mar 13
17:00 pmto11:00 am



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Rishikesh is a must for yoga teachers and practitioners everywhere. It is known as the yoga capitol of the world, is purely a vegetarian city and acts as a gateway to the Himalayas. It resonates with the vibrations of mantras that have been chanted since the beginning of time, sacred fires that never seem to go out, and a sacred river calling all walks of life to bath in her holiness. It is magic.
Our time in India will include temple excursions, meditations on the Ganga, day trips to surrounding sacred sites, yoga, mantra, and meditation. This journey is meant for anyone curious about the deeper spiritual practices of yoga. You will have the opportunity to meet with Indian Yoga masters, Vedic priests, Astrologers , and Ayurvedic consultants while exploring the sights and sounds of this holy city.
Rishikesh is a powerful place that can open many doorways on the path of transformation. Prepare to fully immerse yourself in the culture of sacred India by setting an intention of receptivity. Come with an open heart and willingness to let Mother India teach you all that she knows.
For Yoga Teachers

If you are a teacher of yoga, Rishikesh is a must for developing a deeper understanding of how to bring spirituality back to yoga. Most teachers that shy away from such a journey tend to lack the confidence and centeredness that a soulful and spiritual practice creates. It is also the yoga capitol of the world and much to be discovered and discussed with the varying traditions and techniques only to be found on the banks of the upper Ganga.
The vibrations of Rishikesh can challenge anyone trapped in the illusion of their own ego. Unfortunately, this is where many western teachers are most comfortable. Rishikesh, based on the vibrations alone, will help you to create a path where yoga can be taught as both a physical and spiritual practice beyond the limitations of your own ego.
What to expect

Sunrise Yoga and Meditation practice
Daily offerings to the Ganga
2-3 excursions to sacred sights outside of Rishikesh
Daily exploration of holy temples, sacred structures, and Rishikesh happenings
Evening practice of meditation, mantra and spiritual philosophy
Simple accommodations, breakfast and dinner included!

About Your Guide

Amanda has been traveling to India since 2011. She knows that the higher teachings of yoga are deeply hidden within the hills of the himalayan mountains. Amanda believes that everyone is capable of developing a practice that will help to bring balance, light and wisdom to an everyday existence. Her mission is awaken the practitioner to the depth and possibility of ones own soul.
“When I first came to India it felt like a divine scrubbing of my ego. Mother India was insisting I drop the story of of who I thought I was, my job title, my place in the world, how much money I made, where I live, all of it. The story of me, mine, and self slowly pealed away, layer by layer. It was terrifying but it was necessary.

Throughout my travels and concluding my journey at the Holy Ganges in Rishikesh I was able to wash away years of tightness, anger and struggle. By simply connecting with the people of India and giving myself permission to be somewhere completely different from anything I had ever known, I began to blossom and transform into the strengthened and loving woman I am today.

It is an honor and a privilege to hold peoples hands as they pilgrimage to India for their very first time. I know that after this journey they will most likely return on their own as more confident and soulfully developed beings of this spiritual tradition. “