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Journey to the Source: Living Yoga Retreat

Join us for a 12-day Yoga Retreat on the rim of Kathmandu Valley, Nepal. This retreat offers a space of disciplined Yogic practice that encourages introspection, discovery, focus, centering and balance on all levels. We will explore the rich history and culture of Nepal and delve into Yoga's fellow science of Jyotish, the science of light.


Namo Buddha Resort131267
Phulbari, Namo Buddha Kavre, NP

Type of Event

  • Retreat

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Oct 18 to
Oct 29
08:00 amto18:00 pm

Does not include international travel time.



5% of all proceeds will go towards trauma support for earthquake victims.

Early Bird special $2100.

Price does not include international travel, medical care, insurance, personal expenses, meals while in Kathmandu, all expenses incurred due to unforeseen circumstances and occurrences beyond our control.

Full Description

Retreat duration:12 days (arrival date-departure date. Not inclusive of international travel time.)

Dates: October 18-29, 2016.

Sample Itinerary (12 days):

Day 1: Arrival in Kathmandu. Airport pick-up/settle into hotel.

Group introduction/ Introduction to retreat, instructors and Isha family.
Opening havan ceremony and setting intentions.

Day 2-3: Kathmandu Valley visit.

The Kathmandu Valley is rich with history and culture. An abundance of temples, large and small, of Hindu and Buddhist traditions, mingle with the remnants of royal dynasties; ancient cobbled city lanes give way to wide paved roads; the ancient and the new dance together as do the many ethnic groups, varied languages and traditions of this small landlocked Himalayan country.

In Nepali culture the spiritual and material are woven together, living within one another. Every store has an altar to a God or Goddess; trees and rocks on the side of the road, wandering cows on the street, become shrines to one divine being or another. All is sacred. And all is chaos; a chaos into which we are drawn to find the unshakeable stillness of our center.

Our guides are locals from this beautiful valley and offer us an insider’s view into the most well known sites, as well as a peek into the often unseen treasures of local culture and heritage.

This time in Kathmandu marks our introduction to the culture of Yoga and its fellow science of Jyotish, or the science of light, Astrology. Each participant receives a private consultation with Deependra.

Daily (see sample schedule for more details):
Morning Yoga practice(1.5 hr)
Evening Meditation practice (45min)

Day 4-7: Yoga Intensive

Travel by road (2.5hrs) to Namo Buddha Resort, a beautiful organic farm/resort on the outskirts of the valley, located near one of the most venerated Buddhist shrines in Nepal. Sitting atop a hill, surrounded by forests of pine trees and small Tamang villages, we will embark on our Yogic practice in earnest. Here we are invited to discover the landscapes of our bodies, minds, hearts to lead us back to our Source and Spirit.

This 4 day practice is intensive yet offers the space and time to rest, relax and explore. Forging a more loving and joy-filled relationships with ourselves, we complement our yogic practices with simple creative practices such as writing. Ayurveda, Yoga’s sister science of traditional holistic healing, finds its place in this retreat. Understand your “constitution” (make-up or nature), both physical and mental/emotional, and empower yourself with tools of nutrition and simple lifestyle tips to awaken a more balanced, healthy and authentic self.

Activities include: daily yoga and meditation, talks and discussions on Yogic/Ayurvedic principles as practical tools to help us balance our selves and our lives, massage and sauna, delicious organic food, forest walks/ visits to the Gompa (buddhist monastery)

Day 8: Drive to Kathmandu Eco Resort (2.5 hrs) Vajra Yogini Temple (near Sanku). Day 8 is a day visit to one of the most beautiful Buddhist/Hindu (tantric) sites in the valley. Return to Kathmandu Eco Resort in the evening.

Day 9-10 are days of continued practice and include an in-depth talk on Jyotish and how it links to Yoga and Ayurveda as a part of a vast and ancient science of self knowledge and evolution.

Day 11: Rest day. Shopping, free time, site seeing (for those who want).

Day 12: Closing of Retreat (ends by mid-day). Departure.

Approximate cost/day: $180

Cost includes: accommodation (twin-shared basis), all main meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) when not in Kathmandu, in-country transportation, museum/site passes, daily yoga/meditation instruction, private consultation in Yoga and Astrology (60min for each session).

Does not include: international travel, medical care, insurance, beverages, expenses of personal nature (laundry, tips, taxis, snacks, ), meals while in Kathmandu, all expenses incurred due to unforeseen circumstances such as sickness, accidents, road blocks, landslides, strikes, and other occurrences beyond our control.


Isha is a center for holistic learning & conscious living located in the Kathmandu Valley, in Nepal. Isha is dedicated to the authentic practices and teachings of Yoga, as a tool for life that invites us to transform, heal and unfold into the well-being and whole-being.

Nepal has long been a pilgrimage site for those on the spiritual path, for seekers of adventure and discovery. In this Himalayan haven, the veil between the seen and unseen, the visible and invisible, thins. Its land, energy and people invite us to discover the richness and beauty of our
own inner landscape; to direct or re-direct ourselves onto our Life’s path.

This retreat offers a space of disciplined Yogic practice that encourages introspection, discovery, focus, centering and balance on all levels. Rejuvenation, joy, and the deep ease of letting-go and flowing are a by-product of these, and something we intend for you to find during your time with us; something that you can take away with you for years to come.

Based on the Satyananda Yoga Tradition, the practices throughout this retreat encourage integration on all levels--body, mind, emotions, energy, spiritual, creative, community. Whether you are new to the world of Yoga or an experienced practitioner, discover practical and simple tools to help you live a Life of balance and wellbeing.

Sample Daily Schedule (Yoga Intensive)

5.30 am: Wake up/ tea

6.00 -8.00 am: Asana/Pranayama

8.00 - 10.00 am: Breakfast/ shower

10.00 - 12.00 pm: Discussion

12.00 - 1.00 pm: Meditation

1.00 - 3.30 pm: Lunch/free time

3.30 - 4.30 pm: Karma Yoga

4.30 pm: Tea break

5.00 - 6.30 pm: Asana/Pranayama class

7.00 pm: Dinner

8.30 pm: Evening meditation

9.00 pm: Mouna (until breakfast next day)


Please note that the itinerary and schedule are subject to change. Adaptability and an open mind and heart are attributes we invite you to bring to this journey:)