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Pranayama is breath work from the Sanskrit "prana" meaning vital force and "yama" meaning to control or Pranayama techniques such as Alternate Nostil Breathing, Kapalabhati, and Brahmeri to regulate your nervous system, brain, and body. These can be practiced on their own, with yoga and during meditation.


3750 Florence Street, Redwood City CA, US 94063

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  • Workshop

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Sep 8
02:00 amto05:00 am

For those participating in Vibe's 500-hour Teacher Training, this elective will count for 3 hours. Also open to students and teachers who want to expand their knowledge.



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This ancient practice has research-based, practical applications in our daily lives such as: warming up a cold body, easing anxiety, improving sleep, increasing mental clarity, cooling down and overheated body, lifting depression, balancing digestion, and enhancing sex life. Learn which pranayamas to employ when you feel sluggish and low, and what types to engage when you feel anxious and stressed. Practice pranayama in combination with Yin, Vinyasa, and Restorative Yoga, feeling the subtle yet profound effects of this time-tested discipline. Sharon Dawson has been practicing pranayama for over 40 years