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Kriya Yoga

Kriya yoga consists of a dynamic process of at least 20 kriyas which cleanse and refine body and mind. Energy channels open and consciousness awakens.

In order to learn Kriya Yoga, you must have completed at least one 10-day Yoga & Meditation Retreat at Ananda Mandala.


Höghultström, Åseda SE 364 33
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  • Retreat

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Jul 17 to
Aug 13
17:00 pmto08:00 am


16 kr

Full Description

According to tradition Kriya Yoga is taught in order to provide a deep transformation of increased energy, creativity and consciousness. Therefore the Kriya Yoga Retreat stretches over 4 weeks and includes a period of 21 days of silence. Kriya Yoga is supplemented by yoga postures, yogic breathing techniques, intestinal cleansing, Inner Silence meditation, mirror meditation and yantras (drawing of yoga symbols), as well as by song and music, the whirling dance and the sweat lodge.

The gift of Kriya Yoga is to rest in ourselves, fully aware and in tune with everything around us.

The Kriya Yoga technique has its roots way back in time. During his exploration of forgotten tantric practises, Swami Satyananda discovered Kriya Yoga, and he adapted it to our time.

“Spirituality is not to be found in the sky, but by participating in human life with full awareness.” (Swami Satyananda)