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Kundalini and yin yoga retreat in Southern Spain

Sancti Petri area with the beautiful beach of La Barrosa as one of its main attractions, considered one of the best beaches in Spain, and the wonderful coves of Conil, offer us the ideal spot to enjoy the sea and the beautiful month of September.


The Owl´s house8129731
camino del Caballo Bereber s-n, Novo Sancti Petri ES

Type of Event

  • Retreat

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Sep 5 to
Sep 9
17:00 pmto12:00 pm

With breaks to rest or enroll in other activities that area offers: Spa, surfing, paddle surf, biking or walks.


584 €

Full Description

In this retreat we will have the special collaboration of Shivarosan Saathevan, he is a well-known Kundalini teacher (according to the tradition of Yogi Bhajan) who resides and teaches in some of the most prestigious centers of London. Moreover, he organizes his own retreats in the Uk and is the founder of ¨ The two doves- an energy healing system. ¨

SHIVAROSAN SAATHEVAN-Kundalini Yoga. Energetic healing.

1-Dominating the subtle body

It’s the little things that count; its those final touches that separate the good from the brilliant. Our subtle body seeks to master. It is a body of refinement. A container for our Soul and the Access to our Akashic record. It is the part of us that decides why you are here and what needs to be done to keep you on your path. The Subtle Body demands endurance for it examines from every angle and every depth. It’s job is to prepare your mind body and soul for expansion.

On this retreat we will use Kundalini Yoga to develop our subtle body to serve us in our life path. It will help you better understand yourself, your relationships and your purpose in this world.

This will be excellent preparation for the Equinox in September a powerful point of reflection and integration for your creations in 2018

2-Numerology Workshop.

The Subtle Body demands mastery; but first you need to understand what is it you need to master? Numerology opens the door to self-mastery in a deeply profound way. Through your date of birth all is known. Using the Tantric Numerology system & the 10 Light Bodies of Consciousness - this workshop will help you understand you and your loved ones in a new way. It will help you see your gifts and develop ways to overcome your challenges. In this workshop you will be shown how to calculate your personal numerology plus see how the 10 light bodies operate for you at a personal level.

3-Masters & Angels

Our world is magical, this is not the magic of fairy tales; but a reality based on our alchemical potential. Our connection to Ascended Masters, Angels and Guides is very real. The Aquarian age is opening us up to frequencies that have not been felt on the planet before. Many people are sensing them, but unsure as to how to develop skills from what they feel. In this workshop I call apon the masters to bring healing to the subtle body and to inspire a deeper wisdom and guidance in your life.

ESTHER CORTAVITARTE-Yin Yoga Chakra, Yoga Nidra, Mindfulness.
1-Yin Yoga Autumn Equinox: balancing our digestive system. Balancing and reconnecting with the earth element. Ending with a body scan.

Our Yin practice today is focused on helping you and your body to transit from one season to another with ease. As we approach the equinox, our minds and bodies often undergo a period of excessive worry, unreasonable concern about the future, excess gas/bloating and digestive disorders. As we enter Fall here in the Northern Hemisphere, that means we are entering the Ayurvedic Vata season - the season of excess air, worry, overwhelm, dryness.

The best way to assist your body in transitioning is to engage in grounding practices like Yin Yoga; In this practice we will focus on the Spleen/Stomach meridians to bring the earth element into balance and boost our digestion.

2-Yin Yoga chakras. A journey through the chakras. Meditation Mantras for the chakras and ending with the guided meditation of loving kindness (Metta bhavana).

In this workshop of almost 3 hours Esther invites us to travel through our seven chakras, which are our energetic channels through which our energy flows. Yin yoga offers the calmness and attention needed to pay attention to the state of each chakra located in our emotional body. During the practice and through each asana, Esther will explain what each chakra represents on an emotional level and what meridians and organs are affected. We will end with a meditation on the mantras of each Chakra (ideal for our throat chakra) and a guided meditation based on the Buddhist teaching of loving kindness (ideal for our heart chakra).

Retreat includes:

4 nights in a shared room
Two daily practices of Kundalini yoga and-or Yin yoga Chakra.
2 Thematic workshops.
Guided meditations and Pranayama or breathing techniques.
Walks in the area.
Visit to the Salinas de Chiclana.
Spaces of silence and rest.
Private Chef and vegan food.

Optional activities:

Horse riding.
Tandem flights under the guidance of the spanish championship Vicente Palmero and his flight school.
Surfing Lessons
One-to-one Spanish classes.
Arab baths and massage in Hamman Sancti Petri.
Thermal treatments and beauty rituals at ¨Balneario de Fuente Amarga¨, in Chiclana de la Frontera.