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Kundalini Tantra Dance Workshop

In each dance meditation session, teacher Soni Kum will guide you by activating your Kundalini energy, and you will dance together to attain deep peace and healing. The workshop begins by praying followed by meditatation, singing and dancing, using various techniques to awaken your Kundalini energy.


120 Cromer Street, London GB WC1H 8BS
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Aug 20
19:00 pmto21:00 pm



20£ pre-registration, 25£ at the door

15 £ concession for students, seniors, and special kind of situation

*please send me message through contact page and we can arrage concession for you.
i want to welcome all those who are interested in participating the workshop even if you are experiencing temporaly financial challenges.

Full Description

“Awakening your Kundalini energy,
attaining true healing on this planet through dance
and remembering dance within"

From ancient times, people have used dance to heal. Kundalini Tantra Dance is an imprint of sacred dance, a form of meditation and devotional prayer.  When you connect to the Kundalini energy dormant within, you will dance automatically through the energy that is moving through you. In each dance meditation session, I will guide you by activating your Kundalini energy, and we will dance together to attain deep peace and healing. We will begin by praying and then meditate, sing, and dance, using various techniques to awaken your kundalini energy. At the end of each session, I will provide you with a chakra balancing and an energetic cleansing.

Kundalini Tantra Dance website

Soni is a devotional dancer, artist, and healer, born in Japan within a lineage of Korean shaman.
She has been actively working as a fine art artist since 2002. Her art works have been exhibited in numerous art spaces throughout the world, including Apex Art in New York, Pumhouse Gallery in London, and Busan Biennale in South Korea.

In 2006, when Soni visited Philippines for an art exhibition she encountered a young shaman, who invoked the dance spirit to awaken Kundalini energy dormant within her, transmitting a powerful dance energy called the “inner dance”. Soni went into a trance state for the first time in her life and danced as she had never danced before. Since that time, Soni has explored trance dance energy through meditation, prayer, and service in Korea and Japan and took many pilgrimage trips to India and Bali, studied in ashrams and with gurus, learning various spiritual practices to awaken Kundalini energy, and to open and balance the chakras, which led to the development of her unique dance practice.
Soni Kum received a doctoral degree from Tokyo University of Arts as an honorary student in 2011 and taught at several prominent universities in Korea. She received Excellent Lecturer Award of the Year in 2012 from Yonsei University. 

Q1:  is this is a dance class, a kundalini class, does it involve kriyas, will i go into automatic dance?

- Overall
In the workshop, we are going to pray, meditate, sing, and dance together to beautiful music. Soni will introduce you to a variety of techniques to awaken your kundalini energy and guide you to dance through it.  Once your kundalini dance energy is awakened, you will dance automatically. The energy will guide you to move your body as exactly as it needs to move. All of us have our own unique dance within. Soni’s work is to invoke this dance energy within. 

The healing occurs when we dance from within because kundalini dance can transform negative energy into positive. Unconditional self-acceptance and self-love is an important essence that allows us to be able to feel lasting peace and happiness. One of the most important tantric teaching by Osho is to accept and feel all the emotion we carry during meditation. Only then can true transformation occur. Whatever we are feeling, we can dance it out. The outer expression of dance can bring us to liberate ourselves from the darkness within by embracing the very darkness we attempt to eliminate or suppress. 

- Prayer
There are many ways to awaken kundalini dance energy. Soni will introduce the sacred prayer methods to invoke dance energy that she learned in Bali and India.  

- Kriya
She will guide you to practice several kriyas, which will cleanse our spinal cord and chakras so that the kundalini energy will flow smoothly through our bodies.

- Dance from within
After the group prayer and invocation, we will close our eyes and dance a free flowing dance to beautiful music. By closing our eyes, we will focus on energy flow within and free ourselves from the external gaze. 
The dance we will dance is not only beautiful but very healing. Hands and fingers will be placed exactly the place where we need healing. 

- Healing
in middle of the session, we will form a couple and will dance together for a healing purpose. We will sit or lie down to receive our partner’s healing energy.

- Chakra Balancing and Clearing
In the end of the workshop, Soni will bless you with chakra balancing and clearing energy work.

- Chanting and prayer 
We close the session with sacred chanting and prayer. 

Q2. what if I’m afraid? can anyone do this?

- We can enjoy dancing with beautiful music. That is all. I want to introduce a method of dancing from within without thinking of the  gaze of others.

The amount of the energy you will feel will vary from person to person. The important thing is that we dance from within. Anyone can dance from within. 

Q 3. who invented it? where does come from?

Soni calls her form of dance Kundalini Tantra Dance. Her is a practice of dancing through kundalini energy. Her own automatic dance was invoked by a young shaman, Pi Villarza, in Philippines. After this first invocation, Soni explored this dance energy alone through various spiritual practices, pilgrimage trips around the world, staying in Ashrams, meeting gurus, and doing her own research.  

Q 4 can the uninitiated dance?

Yes. anyone can dance. 

Q5. will you guide me? how?

I will guide you through prayer, by practicing kriya together, through invocation and energy work, through dance, as well through verbal communication