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Life of a Yogi: Sacred Texts, Meditation, and Dharma

Join us for a personal journey through the philosophies of yoga. In this 20 hour immersion training, participants will have an opportunity to go inward: to discover how yoga philosophies can help you develop a clear vision of your own personal practice or, for yoga teachers: your path as a teacher.

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  • Teacher Training

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Jan 15 to
Jan 17
09:30 amto16:00 pm



$345.00 If registered after 1/4

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Friday will begin with asana with Michele, after which will be a basic overview of four foundational yogic scriptures: The Yoga Sutras, The Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads, and the Hatha Yoga Pradipika. Through these texts, we’ll explore the ancient teachings of yoga, and more importantly, learn how to understand these teachings in a modern context and find their relevance to your life today.

We will continue Friday’s study by diving deeper into the Bhagavad Gita with Jen Mitchell. Jen will then wrap up the day by helping participants become clearer on our own personal or professional dharma: The Great Work of Our Lives.

Studies on Saturday will begin with Jen, who will present an informative, yet lighthearted, slideshow about the history of yoga. We use the rest of the day to study the Yoga Sutras with Michele, and conclude with a slow flow asana and inward meditation. Both asana and meditation will be designed to look at how we can use the Sutras as a guide to equanimity in our own practices or teaching path.

On Sunday, we’ll deepen our yoga studies with Michele, beginning with diving into the roots of our own personal suffering through studying The Kleśa (Sutras II.2 – II.9,) as well as how to free ourselves from suffering (Sutras II.10 & II.11).

We’ll finish the weekend by revisiting the yamas & niyamas, specifically, the freedom that arises when we use the first and second limbs to guide how we treat others and ourselves both on and off the mat. The Yamas: The first of the 8 Limbs allow us to keep our house clean so the teachings of yoga can take root in all areas of our life. But what are we really committed to when we say we practice non-violence? What about non-excess? The Niyamas: The second of the 8 Limbs help us maintain a positive environment, self-discipline and inner-strength necessary to progress along the path of yoga. We’ll take a closer look at 5 principles Patanjali suggests we cultivate for physical and spiritual healing.

Whether you’re a teacher or a student on this path, this training will form an invaluable foundation to living yoga. Offered as a personal exploration, as 20 hr CEU or as part of Twist Yoga’s 500 RYT Independent Study Certification.