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Light in the Darkness: Yoga for Seasonal Sadness

Life is a cycle and there is a season for everything. This workshop uses practices adapted to prepare us for the windy, wet and early dark weather of November by building our inner light brighter. We'll follow the wisdom of the season to turn inward, cultivating the comfort of warming movement and capacity for enriching inner stillness.



1 Britannia Row London N1 8QH., London London, GB N1 8QH

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  • Workshop

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Nov 21
14:00 pmto16:00 pm

Saturday, 21 November 14:00 - 16:00 at The Life Centre, Islington



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Life is a cycle and there is a season for everything. In the winter months we naturally turn inward. There is less light in the natural world around us and sometimes our inner light grows dim as well. However, as yogis we can change the landscape of our inner world so that the inward time is an exploration, instead of a sinking into lethargy.

A guru is one who removes the darkness. Gu is goo, the heavy, stuck, scary stuff we all have in the recesses of our bodies, hearts and minds. Ru is the remover. In the yoga tradition it is an essential part of living fully to see into our dark, scary, stuck places. It is equally vital to build our light, because it is with light that we see into the dark and thereby remove its power to freeze and freak us. Yoga practice involves both: building your light, then using it to see your dark. The guru is the teacher with experience of the path who guides you skilfully. The guru is also our own inner wise Selves who are waiting for us to pay attention.

In the winter months we need rest, we need to move slower, so sitting still and being with our Selves is a natural response to this season. This is the fallow time. How to do it productively is the key.

Lisa will practice ways to brighten your light making it accessible even when it seems hard to do. Directing the light inward so you can see. Seeing yourself clearly and cultivating equanimity in the face of what we see is the point of mindfulness meditation. It is a necessary step to be repeated, which will be practiced with Tantric meditation to transform your state to feel more light.

Don’t hide your light or let it grow dim, it is your inner guide, make it your friend.