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A nurturing and revivifying workshop with a holistic approach to Yoga. The workshop includes pranayama and guided meditations, subtle Hatha and dynamic vinyasa flow and mindful passive Yin. The workshop will help you to move mindfully focusing on your individual and unique preferences. Making the most of all aspects of your yoga practice.


Broxburn United Sports Club,8223046
Greendykes Road,, Broxburn, EH52 5BP GB

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  • Workshop

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Dec 8
13:30 pmto17:00 pm

Dynamic Hatha & vinyasa flow to build suppleness and stamina followed by passive Yin Yoga to improve flexibility. Finish with restorative relaxation and Yoga nidra.
£17 includes tea/coffee/cakes



Full Description

This will be a heart centred practice to stimulate our creative energies and personal power to develop compassion, empathy and stability within. The main focus will be to work with the energy of our whole body with particular attention to the torso and core muscles to build strength and stamina.
To this end we will be working with the first four chakras associated with our physical bodies and the elements of (root chakra)-to ground and balance, (sacral chakra)-to tune into our fluid and flexible energy, (solar plexus)-for transformation and change, and (heart chakra)- seat of the higher self-the heart of our feelings compassion balance and self assurance.
Chakras 1 -Muladhara, and 2 -Svadhisthana govern physical and emotional survival, chakra 3 -Manipura is more transformational with the power to bring about change. Chakra 4 Anahata is positioned at the mid-point of the 7 chakras and also the body. For this reason it is considered to be the gateway to higher consciousness.
I hope to create a warm and nurturing space for developing our personal practice. An opportunity for self-reflection and to focus on taking care of ourselves. - Mind. Body. Spirit.