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Love Your Newborn

The Most Important 5 hours of Your Pregnancy. This Workshop will Ensure You & Your Baby a Great Start Together. Learn the Ayurvedic Practices for Successful Pregnancy & Postpartum:
•7 steps to prevent postpartum anxiety and depression (1 in 7 women suffers from postpartum depression)
•Understand the 3 causes of colic in your baby and prevent it from happening with Ayurveda
•Receive 20+ nutritious and wholesome Ayurvedic recipes to ensure abundant milk supply and a healthy digestion


Namaskar Healing, LLC1023792
11715 Vermillion, Longmont CO, US 80504
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Type of Event

  • Workshop



May 2
02:00 amto07:00 am



Included as part of the workshop to ensure successful postpartum:

•Gift basket containing Ayurvedic certified organic herbs, herbal oils, teas and spice mix (value $125)
•Gift Certificate for 30 min. private postpartum consultation (value $50)
•Lunch, tea and snacks during workshop (value $50)
•Abdominal Belly Binder/Wrap (value $24)
•Large hot water bottle (value $25)
•Basti Bag (Value $6)
•Recipes and handouts (priceless)


Each workshop is limited to 8 people (4 Moms & their caregiver) for optimal learning.

Save 50%
Gather three of your pregnant friends and host a Love Your Newborn Workshop with Heidi Nordlund in the Longmont, Boulder, Denver or Fort Collins area. Call Heidi to schedule 303-678-7657

Full Description

This workshop is ideal for:

• Pregnant women.
• Women who are planning to become pregnant.
• Postpartum caregivers: doulas, nurses, midwives, pre/postnatal yoga teachers, spouses, friends, mothers, grandmothers etc.

Learn How To:

•Balance yourself after childbirth with Ayurvedic diet, lifestyle, home remedies and traditional treatments
•Cook Ayurvedic postpartum foods
•Give yourself and your baby Ayurvedic oil application (Abhyanga)

Also Learn:
•The answers to 5 key questions that will put you on the fast track to ultimate recovery and rejuvenation after childbirth (the majority of people do not know the answer to these questions)
•The principles of Ayurveda and how they apply to postpartum
•Why depression is one of the most common perinatal complications
•The top 5 Ayurvedic home remedies to recover and rejuvenate properly from birth
•What to eat and what not to eat after childbirth
•What activities to do and which to avoid for optimal recovery and rejuvenation after childbirth
•Vital points (Marmani) on the body for optimal health and vitality during postpartum
•10 ways for the father to make postpartum easier

Enjoy a delicious gluten free Ayurvedic lunch and nourishing snacks during the workshop and take home an Ayurvedic postpartum kit (a total value of $125): herbal preparations, oils, teas, and spice mixes.

Benefits of Ayurveda for Babies and Their Parents:

For Babies:
•Strong immunity and vitality
•Enhanced overall health
•Balanced weight
•Healthy hormonal function
•Ideal bone growth and muscle tone and coordination
•Proper elimination and digestion
•Stress relief from birth
•Relaxation and improved deep sleep and sleep patterns
•Enhanced bonding, sense of love, trust, acceptance, self-respect, self-esteem and body-mind-Spirit connection
•Reduced discomfort from teething, congestion and gas

For Parents:
•Proper bonding with baby
•Confidence in parenting
•Increased prolactin allowing for motherly feelings and milk supply in Mom and feelings of protectiveness in Dad
•Deeper connection, contact and communication with baby
•Enhanced relaxation
•Ideal overall health and sense of well-being


Intimate setting: each workshop is limited to 8 people (four Moms and their caregiver). Bring your caregiver FREE OF CHARGE; midwife, doula, mom, friend, spouse, sister, aunt, grandmother etc.