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Love Yourself! Yoga Workshop

Join me for a three-part weekend workshop in beautiful Napa, CA! The first workshop, Love Your Back focuses on tools for healing and strengthening muscles that support the back. The second, Love your Belly debunks myths about a strong core and teaches you how to access the strength and integrity of your abdominal muscles. The third part is Love Yourself, a deeply nourishing Restorative Yoga class designed to release tension and trauma held in the soft tissue of the body. Love Yourself!


301 Post Street, Napa CA, US 94559

Type of Event

  • Workshop

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Feb 14 to
Feb 15
06:00 amto11:00 am

Saturday 1:00-3:00pm Love your Back!
Sunday 1:00-3:00pm Love your Belly!
Sunday 4:00-6:00 Love Yourself (Restorative)!



$35.00 per workshop Early Bird, $40 at the door.
$95 for all three Early Bird, $100 at the door.

Full Description

Love Your Back!

Do you experience back pain or tension? Learn techniques to heal yourself! Create traction and space between your discs and vertebrae. Use props to skillfully decompress your spine by lifting the rib cage away from the pelvis, creating freedom and ease. Learn to love your back! Turn on the power of your legs and use them to support your spine. Begin to feel a new aliveness, vitality and improved posture. You'll feel terrific and pain free!

Love Your Belly!

Let’s start by clearing up some of the confusion around our Bellies. Many of us have been taught to hold our bellies in or to work the external “cosmetic” muscles to get rock-hard washboard abs. Healthy muscles are actually springy and elastic. They have resilience and the ability to both contract and relax. Learn exercises that strengthen your deep, internal muscles to support digestion and stabilize your skeleton. Practice working from the core; your movements will become more graceful, fluid and easy. Learn to love your belly!

Love Yourself! a Restorative Yoga Workshop

Restorative Yoga releases the soft tissue or fascia surrounding the muscles where tension and trauma are stored. Settle into comfortable poses supported by bolsters, blankets and blocks. Rest deeply and enjoy a gentle, guided stretch. Each pose will be demonstrated, explained and assisted. No experience is necessary and all levels are welcome! Feel yourself drifting into a sweet state of deep, meditative rest. Love and nurture yourself!