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Luxury Yoga & Beyond Retreat in Mykonos

One week unique luxurious experience in Mykonos island, Greece to energize, regenerate, and inspire you. After a long summer and before the beginning of the new season, we need to stop time for a while and take a breath, relax, and fulfill ourselves with the power of Yoga and the magnificent benefits of the meditation.


Sep 14 to
Sep 21
13:00 pmto13:00 pm

08.30 Pranayama
09.00 Yoga for Chakras
10.30 Breakfast
12.30 Free Time
17.00 Understanding the Yoga Science and Wellbeing
18.00 Sati Dynamic meditations


1,800 €

Full Description

When : 16th to 23rd of September.

Why : After a long summer and before the beginning of the new season, we need to stop time for a while and take a breath, relax, and fulfill ourselves with the power of Yoga and the magnificent benefits of the meditation.

Where : Paradise estate Mykonos.

In this stunning property, energy flows calmly through the sea view into the wisely decorated in-house spaces and bedrooms. One feels the serenity and integration that this unique location offers from the very first sight.
This luxurious estate is situated on a land of 10.000sqms in Pirgi, between Paradise bay and Super Paradise beach, just a few minute drive from the famous beaches of Mykonos. It offers 230 degrees of uninterrupted sea view of the islands of Naxos and Delos.


08.30 Pranayama
09.00 Yoga for Chakras
10.30 Breakfast
12.30 – 17.00 Free Time
17.00 Understanding the Yoga Science and Wellbeing
18.00 SATI Dynamic Dynamic Meditation Practices
20.00 Dinner prepared by our chef at the villa


Becoming aware of these techniques will allow to control your breath and expand your breath capacity. A 7 days practice of breathing control will change the perception of your feelings.

Breath is a direct link to the mind. Breathing is the only involuntary action of our autonomous nervous system, meaning that is an unconscious process, which we can however consciously control.

In the ancient Sanskrit language, the word for breath it’s the same as the word for life, prana. Prana enters our bodies when we are born and leaves us when we die. From the Yoga point of view, the air that we breath contains more than just oxygen, carbon dioxide, and other gases: it contains prana, our life force, that just substance from which all life and activity is delivered.

“Mind is the king of the senses. Breath is the king of the Mind”

Yoga for the Chakras

Our daily practice will be dedicate to awake and balance each one of our seven chakras, each of which symbolizes certain aspects of one’s physical, psychological and spiritual condition.

SATI Dynamic (Sensorial Awareness Training & Inspiration)
is an innovative system of methods and practices based on physical, emotional and spiritual movement sequences. They flow together in order to excite awareness, perception and imagination while improving the overall physical condition.

The different modules that compose the method aim not only to stimulate conditional and coordinative skills. They explore relationships among joints, muscles and postural alignments through active observation, conscious breathing, guided movement and free body expression.

This way we bring light to emotional blocks, expressive limits and unconstructive thinking patterns.

• Qualitative and in-depth yoga
• Balancing your chakras and therefore your self
• Grow your will
• Afternoon sessions that guides you to wellbeing and wellness
• A silence day
• Let go of rituals and stereotypes
• All personal guidance and space you need
• Learn to stay connected in the encounter with others
• Discover the power of yoga, meditation and breathwork
• Clear blockages
• Learn to relax
• Discover what you really want (private and professional)
• Learn what your body needs
• Go for a new beginning, a fresh start
• From surviving to thriving
• Clean your body with organic juices and vegetarian meals
• Participate to the elaboration of healthy Greek recipes with our chef
• Experience the essence of one of the most ancient islands of the world

Available activities upon request

• Massages
• Reiki healing treatments
• Private yoga sessions
• Transformative coach sessions
• Coquetry (beauty treatments, personal stylist, makeup and hairstyle lesson)

Release the tense of your muscles and relieve your body from the physical pain. Choose from our wide range of massage sessions and be sure that each treatment suits your personal needs.
(Shiatsu, Refelxology, Thai Massage, Warm Stone, Lymphatic, Back and Shoulder, Warm Oil Massage, Aloe Vera Massage, Thai Herbal Ball Massage)

Reiki – The Radiance Technique
Experience this technique and activate, restore and balance natural your whole energy from within. A present to yourself for personal growth and transformation.
Explore the benefits of Reiki :
Releases stress.
Energizes your entire system safely and quickly.
Maintain a state of positive wellness no matter what your age.
Balances your energy throughout your whole physical-emotional-mental-spiritual dynamic.
Promotes from within you the qualities of loving, caring, growing, compassion, trusting, self-actualizing, good will, wholeness, peace and serenity.

Private yoga session
You have the possibility to get a private yoga session with Ioanna or Evi to go deeper into your personal needs.

Coach Session
One-on-one coaching sessions upon request to increase awareness, define your values and make a conscious plan about the future. Insights on functional training, balance exercises, breathing, meditation and mindfulness techniques, reiki therapy, chakra balancing through bioenergetics exercises, nutritional tips and overall wellbeing evaluation.

Our professionals offer a panel of services, from personal stylist to beauty treatments. Let us know what are your needs and we will arrange everything for you.


Evi Choutou is from Athens, Greece. Lived in Rome, Italy for almost 20 years. Currently, she is working in both countries. She has been spending most of her life practicing sports and working in the wellness world.

She oriented her studies in identifying all those disciplines that can serve in improving life quality. Although some of them are of a huge value, they don’t adapt easily to the present moment. Therefore she started looking for the “missing component” and for the way to insert them in our current context.

Her studying, professional experience and travelling brings her to focus on her vocation. The research of wellbeing throughout all of our layers. She is the creator and founder of the SATI Dynamic (Sensorial Awareness Training & Inspiration) method, that aims to promote awareness and conscious choice on our way of living.

Graduated in Architecture and Urban Planning, she is a Bio-Architecture and Feng Shui consultant. Naturopath with specialization in natural nutrition, kinesiologist, yoga instructor and personal trainer. She is passionate about functional training and expressive art therapies. Author and editor for the wellbeing magazine Piubenessere and examines thoroughly everything that can raise the quality of life.

She plans and holds retreats and workshops worldwide.

Ioanna Soulioti began her career as a model in Greece and Europe, parallel she started a very successful career as a TV and radio presenter, fashion and lifestyle journalist, columnist and writer.

She has been the Editor in Chief for the fashion magazine Harpers Bazaar Greece and the author of “The book of Style”. Ioanna is practicing yoga since 1994, is a 2nd degree Reiki Healer, Yoga Instructor and a member of Yoga Alliance RYT 200H. Her affection for this ancient technique of wellbeing lead her to open the first holistic center in Athens for all styles of Yoga practices, energy healings (Reiki, Quantum, Theta) and massage treatments.

She has attended many workshops and seminars regarding yoga and wellness such as Kundalini, Tao, Restorative Yoga and Yoga for Healing Pain and Trauma, by internationally acclaimed teachers (Nota Georgiou, Marina Efraimoglou, Mairi Aroni, Johnny-Lee Friel, Todd Tesen, Nancy Candea)
She organizes seminars, workshops, retreats and holidays all based on Yoga, Wellness and Wellbeing, in energy filled places in Greece.

What's included

Daily yoga
Daily meditation
Mindfulness theory and practice
Afternoon sessions that help you transform limiting beliefs and fears into inner strength and self-love
Nature walk
Daily vegetarian brunch and dinner*
Unlimited water, tea, fruit, and snacks
Yoga deck
Bed linen and towels
Port or Airport pick up and back

* If you have special dietary requirements please inform us during your booking so we can adapt the menus.