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Mark Swan Kundalini Course

Join Mark for the continuation of his Chakra course as he explores the remaining two Chakras over two workshops.


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14/15 North St., Guildford Surrey, GB GU1 4AF
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Feb 6 to
Feb 13
13:00 pmto13:00 pm




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Seventh Chakra; The third Eye.

Ajna. ‘The union of opposites’.
The third Eye, the centre of our intuition, our clairvoyance and our ability to concentrate and focus. If your third eye is blocked you may be confused, depressed or rejecting your connection to your own spirituality. You may also be over thinking situations in your life. The third Eye Chakra rules over the entire brain and the pituitary gland.
This workshop connects us to this energetic centre and promotes an opening and a cleansing so that we can understand our divine purpose here on Earth. See with new vision, look where you have not seen.

Crown Chakra. Humility and vastness.

Sahasrara. ‘The tenth Gate’.
The seventh in this series of Kundalini Yoga workshops with Mark Swan and the door to our own transcendence. The crown Chakra, often associated with the colour purple, is the seat of our Soul. This chakra is the route to our higher self and the path to enlightenment in this life. What is your relationship with the unknown? Do you fear dearth or are daunted by the concept of infinity? Ruling the pineal gland and the brain this Chakra, when functioning properly, creates unity with the Divine and elevates us to a place of deep spiritual understanding. Join us this evening and worship at the temple of your own body for a very personal from of holy communion.