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Meditation 101

Join me for the very basics of Meditation. We all want to do it and doctors are starting to agree that we should, but most people are still very confused about what this entails and books often make it more complex than it needs to be.
Let’s make it simple and do-able so that you too may reap the benefits of this practice.



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May 27
10:00 amto13:00 pm



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Over the last couple of years, we have effectively proven the various benefits of meditation on the health and well-being of the modern person, and yet despite this, most people still feel very intimidated by this practice. Although meditation will benefit almost every area of your life, most people have no idea how to start, OR have tried it, but don’t feel like they’re doing it right. On the flip side of this are the people who simply don’t identify with the traditional image of the loin-clothed man sitting in lotus pose in a cave chanting his life away. It is these and many other misconceptions that MEDITATION 101 seeks to dissolve, helping people to become more comfortable with this practice which will serve not only them, but everyone they come in contact with.

From years of experience, workshops, studies, as well as basic trial and error, Nadya has developed tips and tools to make the journey towards a regular meditation practice just a little smoother. Join her​ for an afternoon to gain an understanding of what meditation is, learn about and experience different forms of meditation, and get some tips to incorporate this practice more efficiently into your life.