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Meditation and Yoga Retreat in Paraty, Brazil

Renew yourself with this meditation and yoga retreat aimed to bring you to the present moment. The retreat location is near Paraty, a beautiful place between Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, at an incredibly pristine Atlantic forest area. Daily meditation, yoga, breathing, and music therapy sessions create the foundation to connect with yourself!


Estrada de Graúna, Paraty Rio de Janeiro, BR

Type of Event

  • Retreat

Yoga Styles



Oct 17 to
Oct 23
15:30 pmto15:30 pm

Plan to arrive at the Rio de Janeiro International Airport Galeão (GIG). The Van will depart from GIG directly to Retreat site.



All prices are in USD

1) Shared Rooms
Standard suite: 995.00 per person
Duplex suite: 1,075 per person
Deluxe Loft suite: 1,500 per person

2) Private Rooms
Standard suite: 1,500
Duplex suite: 2,070
Deluxe Loft suit: 2,500

Full Description

The retreat will provide morning and evening meditation, breathing, music-therapy sessions, and a daily yoga class. The general schedule will include meditation, breathing and music therapy sessions in the morning and evening, yoga asanas class daily, knowledge sessions, a field trip to local waterfalls, hikes, boat ride to islands and beaches, even historic Paraty. For the free time, there will be plenty of activities to enjoy, like visiting the surroundings of the ecovilla, hiking to the waterfalls, relaxing time in the garden or at the beautiful temple, or laying on the hammok to nap, read or simply enjoy the astounding views. Delicious vegetarian breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be served every day.


07:00 - 09:00 Yoga, meditation, breathing, and music therapy
09:00 - 10:00 Breakfast
10:00 - 14:00 Activities like hike, waterfall, boat or beach, with snack if desired
14:00 - 15:00 Lunch
15:00 - 17:00 Free time or walk, rest, read, waterfall, or additional activity depending on the day
17:00 - 18:00 Knowledge session
18:00 - 19:30 Light yoga (optional), meditation, breathing, music therapy
19:30 - 20:30 Dinner
20:30 - 22:00 Free time or visit to temple

There will be a daily field trip as an option for those who want to explore the region. The field trips are included and will be to local beaches, islands, waterfalls, guided hikes, and the historic town of Paraty.


The retreat will take place near Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, at Dharma-Shala Ecovilla, a beautiful center located 230 kilometers from the Rio de Janeiro International Airport-Galeão (GIG), 12 kilometers prior to the UNESCO protected historic town of Paraty.

Dharma Shala is completely focused on an extraordinary spiritual experience, coupled with cozy, sustainable, vedic construction and delicious local food. The pristine Atlantic Forest, its waterfalls, birds, flowers and a short ride to the ocean and its paradise-like beaches and islands will surround you. Dharma-Shala is inside an ecovilla inside the Atlantic Forest of Rio de Janeiro State, within a 800 hectares of land, part of which is located inside the amazing Bocaina National Park, Parque Nacional da Serra da Bocaina.


Dharma-Shala () has 18 accommodations in two blocks. Each room has a name and decor of a "Holy Dhama" that helps the guest to make their spiritual trip. All furniture in the rooms was made with hardwood from the property.

Duplex loft suites
There are three duplex loft suites, covering a surface of 70 square meters that accommodate up to four people. All suites have indoor veranda and hammock, incredible forest and ocean view, kitchen counter top with sink, wooden mezzanine, and private bathroom with water heater.

Duplex suites
The five duplex suites accommodate up to four people, covering a surface of 40 square meters. There is access to the veranda and a hammock, with forest and ocean view. Each accommodation has a private bathroom with water heater.

Standard suites
There are eight standard suites covering 28 square meters each that accommodate up to three people each, all with a veranda access and a hammock, beautiful forest view, and private bathroom and hot showers. All water used in the sink and showers come from natural springs located in the land.


There are daily fresh, healthy delicious lacto-vegetarian breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals, made with local and organic products and an ayurvedic touch included in this retreat.

Food is an act on double track, giving and receiving. A chance of loving exchange when the donor creates, prepares, handles and serves food for a receiver that trusts him. Both channels must be open for this moment.

Cooking is a sacred act, an act of celebration of life and love of mother nature. That way the kitchen is a temple, the spices are magical, fire is divine, and the food offerings of love. Love God, love of neighbor, love of the universe.

The breakfast brings the delights of rural cooking: breads, homemade organic yogurt, butter cookies, freshly baked cakes, aromatic pulp, seasonal fruits, homemade granola, honey, exotic juices, medicinal teas, etc.

At lunch, you can learn a bit of traditional Indian dishes such as dahls, meaning soup beans, sabjis, a mix of sautéed vegetables, chavals, mixed rice. Apart from delicacies like chapatis, which is bread on the plate, the puris, fried bread, the famous samosas homemade pastries and cachoris, stuffed dumplings.

To these it can be added the flavors of salads typical Atlantic forest with leaves and flowers of the region. In addition, other flavors of the world also appear in the area and are always welcome to the table. The evening snack is always a lighter and tasty meal that prepares you for a good night's sleep. Can be creams, breads, risottos, pies, and salads. To end the day full and happy.


There will be various activities to choose from for your free time. Take a hike through the amazing forest or visit one of the islands, beaches, and waterfalls, or spend a day with the locals in the historic Paraty town.

Discover the local atmosphere
The Dharma-Shala Inn is situated right in the center of Goura Vrindávana Ecovilla and guests and visitors have the opportunity to experience up close the day-to-day of an alternative community, a bucolic atmosphere and its activities, in simple everyday life rural and monastic.

Ecological walks
The Ecovilla has a territory with a total of 850 hectares, being largely comprised of virgin Atlantic forest, in a valley with many water springs, waterfalls and beautiful tracks of Agroforestry, where visitors can experience depth with the natural life of the mountains and the mystical contact with the energy of the forest.

Meditation in temple
Following the tradition of Indian temples, there are three practice types of meditation at temple on-site: japa, kirtan, and bhajan. Japa is the daily and introspective individual and mantric meditation, done with a rosary of 108 beads. Bhajana is the collective mantric meditation with traditional Bangladeshi instruments, but musically smoother. Kirtana is also meditation with chanting of mantras, but more dynamic and ecstatic, then dance.

Paraty visit
Paraty is a small and beautiful town on the Costa Verde region. Surrounded by Atlantic Forest and awarded the title of National Heritage, Paraty has become a city full of charm offering comfort and fun for every type of tourist. With beautiful beaches, waterfalls and many delightful walks to suit all tastes. Among the tours offered by the city are Trindade (Trinity Village) with its waterfalls and beaches, Praia do Sono, Ponta Negra, Mamanguá Inlet, known by the lush beauty and still little known and of course the historic center of Paraty allowing you to walk in time, back in the heyday of the gold and the large sugar mills.

Ayurvedic massage with essential oils
Massage with bamboo

6 nights accommodation
Daily fresh, healthy delicious lacto-vegetarian meals, made with local and organic products and an ayurvedic touch
Daily inspirational knowledge sessions with videos or readings
Daily yoga classes in a beautiful 108 square meters room with forest and ocean views
Field trips: hikes, islands, beaches, waterfalls
Meditation, breathing, and music therapy sessions twice daily

Spa treatments
Transportation to and from the retreat center

Airport transfers
Transfer from and to Galeao Antonio Carlos Jobim International Airport (GIG) on request.

There is an extra charge of 100 USD round trip, if you request for airport transfer. This transfer is provided with a van.

Itinerary information
For the free-time scheduled at 3:00 - 5:00 each day the activities will vary depending on the day, from walks, resting, reading, waterfall visit, or other additional activities.

This retreat is only for those who are looking to relax and enjoy the beauty of the forest right next to the pristine ocean. This retreat is recommended for beginners in all practices as well as experienced practitioners.

What to bring
Some items are recommended to be brought for this retreat: suntan lotion, flashlight, umbrella, raincoat, insect repellent, shoes indoor (flip-flops or slippers), hiking boots/shoes, swimsuit, and a towel for the waterfall and beaches.